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  1. for now mysql is not supported by the admin system only mongodb, in the next version im going to add support for mysql
  2. Daranix

    player setTimeout cancel if no player

    Check this: https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp-packages/freeroam/blob/master/gm/_workarounds.js A example of use: https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp-packages/freeroam/blob/master/events/player.js#L65-68 If you want to associate the interval/timeout with to the player you can do the next (based on the example): const done = freeroam.workarounds.watchPlayer(player, /* look me -> */ player.myTimer = setTimeout(() => { done(); player.Kick('banned'); }, 15000));
  3. The UI is in the package but the UI only loads if the server can verify the user connected is an administrador, the server can't verify if the user is an administrator or not if no exists database, beacuse in the database is where is stored the administrators list aand well i know in the config.js was a list with administrator but i decided to check if exists a connection to the database first when i load the UI beacuse in the UI u can see the banlist and other things stored in the mongodb database. I hope I have explained correctly, however when you connect to the server, the console should throw an error, If you send me that error I can probably give you a solution to your problem.
  4. Do you have installed the mongodb driver? use: write in cmd 'npm install' inside the jcmp-admin-system or install it global with npm install mongodb Probably thats beacuse the server cant connect to the database and when it not connect to the database, the UI doesnt load (for security reasons and beacuse cant store the bans if no exists a database) I will try to release a new version before the steam release with choice of use a database or not and support for MySQL too.
  5. DAdmin Administration tools for your server You can check all the features of this first version from this video: Click here for see the video Find this package on github latest | stable ATTENTION: THIS IS AN ALPHA VERSION AND CAN HAVE MANY BUGS PLEASE IF YOU FIND A BUG CREATE A ISSUE ON: https://github.com/Daranix/jcmp-admin-system/issues THIS PACKAGE DEPENDS OF Just Cause 3 Toast package
  6. Just cause 3 toast package Get it on github Toast's for Just Cause 3, using jQuery toast plugin For make your customs Toast and see about the plugin check Demo How to use: From CEF: jcmp.CallEvent('cef_toast_show', JSON.stringify({ heading: 'Warning', text: 'It is going to be supper easy for you to use ;)', showHideTransition: 'plain', icon: 'warning' })); From client side: jcmp.events.Call('client_toast_show', { heading: 'Warning', text: 'It is going to be supper easy for you to use ;)', showHideTransition: 'plain', icon: 'warning' }); From server side: jcmp.events.Call('toast_show', player, { heading: 'Information', text: "Hi i'm a info toast!", icon: 'info', loader: true, loaderBg: '#9EC600', position: 'top-right', hideAfter: 10000 });

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