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  1. thefleshpound

    Multiplayer for other games

    People could just buy "Star Citizen" if they like that stuff. "No Man's Sky" is a cheap RNG indie title turned AAA via price function.
  2. thefleshpound

    Reorganisation of forums

    The new design is very calming – I like it!
  3. thefleshpound

    Greeting the neighbors.

    Care to elaborate?
  4. thefleshpound

    Submit your ideas and change the way JC3MP is developed

    The PC version uses Steam. You don't have to buy it on Steam, but the physical copies all seem to include a CD-Key that is used to activate and play the game on Steam. If you are not using Steam, you are probably playing the game on a console and I don't think the Nanos team is going to put their focus on the console versions of Just Cause 3. How would you even release a multiplayer mod to console players? That doesn't sound realistic. The multiplayer modifications for GTA: San Andreas never received the pressure from a publisher or game studio like the ones for GTA V did. IIRC, the teams of those mods were never asked to take them offline, so that's not a good comparison. Going the 'devil-may-care' way with Just Cause 3 after everything that has happened with GTA V also doesn't sound like a good plan – even if the Avalanche Studios did not create their own multiplayer for Just Cause 3.
  5. thefleshpound

    Submit your ideas and change the way JC3MP is developed

    I'm not sure how you guys would define a 'fail' in the case of the JC-MP. If we are talking about the Steam integration of the JC-MP and the low playerbase, then please keep in mind that Just Cause 2 has been on a '-80%' sale numerous times over the last years with a price of $2.99 per copy. If Just Cause 3 is only available via Steam, then every owner of a legal copy should have already installed Steam in order to play it and it wouldn't make sense to not use Steam for the multiplayer mod.

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