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  1. The problem is that the keys are directly mapped to the keys on the keyboard and the controller wont emulate any of these because they have their own key.
  2. Okay I mean i'm sorry but the salty is correct at some point :P The c*** was the problem right but you guys are fast at the trigger finger. But I agree that it was not right to say it like that because like Dennis in the post of him said " we do not accept salt reactions by anyone. IPs deleted." so youre right that it is just a salt reaction from my side and im sorry about that. But just to be clear I dont wanted to insult any person that has done nothing at all. I just saw that Nakerdaja was'nt the person I talked about. There is this post still on the leaderboard And I was just like why did this guy changed his name? I havent seen that it was just Nakerdaja giving reputation and not the creator of the thread. The Original post does not exist anymore so this has to be deleted from the leaderboard anyway. I was just talking this guy the whole time So again I'm sorry that I insulted someone who doesnt have to do anything with this
  3. Hello there, so I dont know if this is the right category for such a topic but I just have to ask how long does a discord ban last? Because I just made a question about this one guy 'Nakerdaja' who was very salty I would say. And in this question I took maybe not the best words to discribe him without breaking the rules. And instandly the chat was closed so I think that I got banned nearly instandly. BTW: my question was about why ' Nakerdaja ' is a Forum Moderator? And you can still read his post in the Leaderboard
  4. What do you mean by going offscreen ? It just cuts when you have the game running in window mode.
  5. If they would hide it then it would'nt change anything at all. People that know how DDOS systems work will also know how sniffing programms work so they can find out the ip very easy in like 10 seconds.
  6. The upgrades are currently not included in jc3mp. So they will not apply and will not work at all
  7. Yeah I noticed the problem with the cut text aswell but I dont know how to fix it right now
  8. //Class file module.exports = class Object { constructor(test, test2, test3) { this.test = test; this.test2 = test2; this.test3 = test3; } }; //Other file const class = require("./classfile"); let instance = new class("xd", "lol", "peter"); instance.doStuff();
  9. You need to have a package.json made by using the npm init command in the server package and have the name inside the name field
  10. Hey JC3MP Community, today you will have a look over my new public package and its all about debbuging. I just wrote this to more comfortably debug scripts without doing like console.log() for 1000 times. It comes with a config for the digits so you can decide how many digits after comma you want in the coordinates. As well as a configurable key to toggle the debug window The default key is F6 | Download: Link Its not perfect and not finished either. There are many plans about what you can also implement to this. Have fun scripting
  11. error

    you have a file called config.json? then you can simply change the key to whatever you want. It is defined as a number so you have to use this http://keycode.info/ website to choose your key
  12. error

    Right i noticed that yesterday. I had the idea that you can implement like a minimum speed for the boost but it is not the best thing to do in my opinion. And there is not event i can call out of my package to the chat package so i cant prevent the boosting without changing the chat ^^
  13. Hey whats up, after i saw this topic i knew its a good funny idea that wasnt created so far. Here you go https://github.com/Tjark-Kuehl/JC3MP-Vehicle-Booster Have fun with it :P Now with config file to make it even more fun Update: the backboost thingy is fixed now you can change it in the config.json
  14. error

    It is possible already
  15. Yes with https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp-docs/scripting-api-docs/blob/21318056b9e342b4838b788b420655653384aac3/server/classes/Vehicle.md#vehiclesetoccupantnumber-seat-player-player