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  1. McDiamondPIE

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.6/0.9.7 is now available

    Anyone with video guides on how to install?
  2. McDiamondPIE


    I'm sorry to ask it, and I'm sure everyone else asks it too but why isn't the problem solved yet? You guys said it would take 3 to 4 days or something. It's over a week now since you said that. Please tell us what's happening and when you hope the problem is going to be solved. 'Till then, I'm hoping to hear more information. -McDiamond
  3. McDiamondPIE

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    It is not the 21th yet. They can pull it out some later in the eve.
  4. McDiamondPIE

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    I hope they will be playing, i'd like to see them in game ;)
  5. McDiamondPIE

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    OMG hype!!
  6. McDiamondPIE

    Development Blog - Week 40

    I can't wait untill the release! Sadly, I wasn't able to play the preview When am I able to play it please I love this and I realy want to test it EDIT by Eren: merged because of double post. Please read the community guidelines. https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/5-community-guidelines-rules/

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