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  1. Seemed like a nice resource to have. I used many times everyday while at work. Helped people find us and stay informed. And there is currently no alternative. Good MPs INCREASE the options available to their users not DECREASE. Anytime Nanos removes functions they remove potential users.
  2. I use this multiple times a day: https://just-cause.mp/servers/masterlist where has it gone too?
  3. With DevTools Centos can run gcc applications such as SteamCMD natively.
  4. Sounds like a v1.0_server.tar.gz from official source or made from a linux download would work perfectly...
  5. Congratulations! You finally made it. Two very long years. 1 dream come true.
  6. After much discussion in #jc3mp-support (Search "at steamcmd> prompt") it appears that your linux server 1.0 update does not function for CentOS 7.2 users. CentOS being unable to load gcc, and therefore unable to run steamcmd natively, must run steamcmd through docker. Updating your server via steamcmd running through docker appears to create a new and unfortunately non-functioning docker container with the update within it, for a jc3mp server that is not running in docker to begin with. steamcmd runs only in docker on centos7, my 0.9.9 server ran natively from an easy to use v0.9.9_server.tar.gz install, the 1.0 update via steamcmd is not functional for this layout. I need a solution that updates my existing native install.
  7. Because CentOS 7.2 cannot load gcc, I run steamcmd via docker. https://hub.docker.com/r/kmallea/steamcmd/ I have a currently operational 0.9.9 server easily installed by loading your last tar.gz... It seem I cannot transition to 1.0 until I get a tar.gz OR a way to update the server via steamcmd via docker.. The tar.gz sure was nice and easy to use.
  8. Linux Server Download link?
  9. The time of day jumps by one hour every minute in the stock package with no progression or freezing that i can find. How to make time progress without bright light flashes in the world as it jumps ahead 1 hour? How to freeze time?
  10. Great Git, thanks! And what about the sync distance limit? At about 1000 units the spectate cuts off. Anyway to increase the sync distance at this time?
  11. http://imgur.com/VguOpiT.png 197KB does not announce. changed back to stock announces.
  12. Stock JCMP Masterlist Image My Masterlist Image Stock one announces. This does not. As soon as i switch back it announces.
  13. Confirmed! Thank you.
  14. jcmp.print("Hello World!"); is not writing to the \logs\Scripting.log of my client which didnt exist so i made \logs\ folder in the PlayJCMP.exe directory... no file appears, so i created it too, nothing prints.
  15. Is there a spectate player example to help me understand camera? as the wiki has no example I interpreted it to this: Camera(new Vector3f(0,0,0),new Vector3f(0,0,0),90,false); but clientside triggered it got me nowhere