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  1. Alexander G.

    The client just freeses

    Sebi pls, you can clearly see in the screenshot that TeamViewer quick connect is enabled. The solution for that problem is to just disable it...or add JC3MP to the exceptions.
  2. Alexander G.

    Doesn't work

    Please send me the logs in %LocalAppData%/Just Cause 3 Multiplayer and also any dumps you can find there, so we can figure out what is going wrong.
  3. Alexander G.

    Crash On Startup After Splash Screen

    Please send me the logs in %LocalAppData%/Just Cause 3 Multiplayer and also any dumps you can find there, so we can figure out what is going wrong.
  4. Alexander G.

    Fps affects vehicle speed

    This is a Just Cause 3 thing, as the physics runs with a fixed rate of 30 fps (we didn't do this), so if you have less than 30 fps in game then the physics runs slower, there is not really an easy way for us to fix this without breaking anything. As long as you are above 30fps the speed stays the same. This is the same in single player, but you don't notice it there because all the things run slightly slower but in multiplayer this is obviously something you are going to notice. We have that on a mid-term list for things to fix, but don't expect anything to be done on that anytime soon
  5. Alexander G.

    Crash On Startup After Splash Screen

    We added a lot of diagnostics code to the upcoming 0.9.8 patch and already fixed one bug that would prevent users from starting the mod, the update is currently in internal testing and aim for a weekend public release. Please report back after the update is available if you still experience the issue.
  6. Alexander G.

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.8 is now available

    While the vehicle handling added in this update is already quite a lot, there are still things missing which will be added in one of the next updates, this for example includes aerodynamics and some gravity settings for boats and planes. There are also things that didn't quite made it into this update, this includes loading textures from file and a world to screen function, both will be added very very soon. Also while we continue to try and fix the current server crashes we are still working hard on the server rewrite which will fix all lockup issue, increase performance by a lot (the server will be able to handle more players) and increased stability compared to the current server code. Additionally we are currently working on getting webgl to work properly without the usually involved performance problems when used in cef's offscreen render mode. Also here you can find a list of issues we want to fix in the next update https://gitlab.nanos.io/groups/jc3mp/milestones/release-099?title=Release+0.9.9
  7. Alexander G.

    Trouble adding pogostick to server

    The pogostick internally is not a vehicle, but an object, this means it's not properly synced and attempting to use it as a vehicle is a really really bad idea. We will add support for the pogostick in a future version
  8. Alexander G.

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.6/0.9.7 is now available

    Could you be more specific
  9. Hello everyone, development of the mod continues and we've been able to solve some more issues. We now have the third minor update to the client and server files ready for you. Please note that this is a hotfix release for the caching issue present in 0.9.5 which prevented some players to properly join servers. Updating is highly recommended! Here's a quick list of changes in version beta 0.9.6 Fixed a caching issue introduced in client 0.9.5 what would prevent players from connecting to a server when the existing cached client packages differ from the content on the server Changed some code to prevent possible dead locks Possible fix for server crashes introduced in 0.9.5 due to changes in event timing We were not able to reproduce this issue internally, so we can't say for sure that it's fixed Fixed an issue that caused linux crash dumps to not be uploaded to our server Update: We have released server 0.9.7 to fix a breaking issue with POIs. Dowload the updated client & server directly from our homepage: https://just-cause.mp/ FAQ: https://just-cause.mp/docs/general/information/FAQ Support: https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/forum/43-support/ Scripting documentation https://just-cause.mp/docs/
  10. Alexander G.

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.4 is now available

    Ok can you re-download the installer now, we may have fixed the issue. sorry about that
  11. Good afternoon, Alexander.

  12. Alexander G.

    Development Blog - Week 50

    Improvements already in the works and on to do.
  13. Alexander G.

    Development Blog - Week 47

  14. Alexander G.

    Development Blog - Week 47

    It is actually single player first, meaning it is not going to be part of the first version of JC3MP, it's going to be one of the first updates after release though.
  15. Alexander G.

    Development Blog - Week 46

    It's a single player first thing. Release: soon-ish. Going to be in one of the first updates for JC3MP after JC3MP 1.0 release.

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