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  1. Malte S.

    Armstrong, Gameplay and Myami

    We are still working on animations and character moving. We didn't work on the perspective of the camera yet, but I promise, we will. If you have any suggestions, shoot!
  2. Malte S.

    Armstrong, Gameplay and Myami

    What’s poppin’, your favorite administrative issues are back yet again with another nanos world blog! Contrary to the announcement in our last blog, this spontaneous blog is about the current status of our prototype “Armstrong”, because we made a huge progress in our development. We also would like to introduce another team member: Quentin @myami Freire. Armstrong - current progress We are still heavily working on our landscape. At the moment we are focused on finding the best technique and textures for our landscape. We worked on procedural landscape materials as well as on composing our materials. As you might know Unreal Engine is quite complex when it comes to landscape materials. We want to find a way which enables us to blend materials in the best looking way. As a first step we have already worked on our World Creator model to get a first impression and we have already composed some textures and materials: Furthermore, we have already structured the map into some areas. The current naming follows a simple principle: The first letter mostly represents the description of the area (f.e. c = city, e = east, w = west, m = mountain). The name itself is only the naming of the NATO-alphabet corresponding to the first letter. If you have any ideas (f.e. names), don’t hesitate to write us! We are open for every suggestion! Quentin and nanos world’s Gameplay Now it is time to introduce you to another nanos world project member: Let us introduce you to Quentin aka. Myami! Quentin is 21 years old and from France. After passing his degree in cartography, he will start studying video game programming in Canada in the next fall - so if you are from Canada and have some tips, don’t hesitate to write him! Since our beta stage in JC3MP Quentin is an active participant of our beta and testing group. He developed great game modes for JC3MP and some months ago he joined our journey of nanos world. Quentin is primarily responsible for gameplay development. At the moment, we’re focusing on the actors gameplay or - in other words - players. We are going to create a detailed moving system. You will be able to climb in different ways, to jump over objects, to move in various ways and to interact with other players. The system will acknowledge ingame objects even if you created them yourself and shall be intuitively to use. Of course, you will be able to check and control these actions with our scripting system. You’ve already been able to see some pictures on our social media channels: Sadly, sometimes something goes wrong: https://i.gyazo.com/c547f5785131795a089ed2761e5738f4.mp4 But we were able to fix it: https://i.gyazo.com/2234a3c823f306a4c7bfbd37112f2a7a.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/43f5c69a6fce8b6caa7ade5daeb3042b.mp4 As soon as we finish our first movement system, Justus - our lead dev for nanos world - will synchronize the actors and integrate more parts of the nanos::framework. Finally, our next blog will be not only about the city, but also about him: Justus. Stay tuned and don’t forget to visit our social media channels for the latest news!
  3. Heyho from your administrative issues and welcome back to another #helloworld blog! Today, we will again explain the idea behind nanos world, we will tell you about the current state of our prototype and introduce you to a new team member you might not know yet! How does nanos world differ from other sandbox games? After our announcement we received several questions regarding our idea: What is the difference between existing multiplayer modifications and nanos world? How does nanos world differ from other sandbox games? These are justified questions. Let's start with the answer to both of those questions: Existing multiplayer modifications and also other sandbox games are predominantly built upon an already existing game or an engine which was not meant to be a sandbox game. In nanos world we don’t build a modification upon a game, we build a game upon our multiplayer technology. It is much easier to script a game like a web page within a proven framework than building upon a new and adopted system. In our development we don’t have to reverse engineer any game functions, which were primarily developed with focus on single player, and we are not restricted by an engine or game we don’t know in detail. If we or also you want to extend the engine or enable functions, which are included in the engine, we can easily access these functions and make them useful in nanos world for you! If you are bound to a game, enabling and establishing new functions is often a complex issue. This is why we provide an easy way to realize your own game ideas. Scripting in Lua is easy to learn, there are many available tutorials and it is a proven scripting language for our purpose. Considering the fact that a lot of other multiplayer projects and games use Lua, there are many creative and talented scripters out there you can team up with. We aim to have a community where everyone feels at home and where scripters and players, independent of their knowledge, are welcome, can discuss with other people and improve their skills. Apart from Lua’s simplicity, we also decided to use it, because embedding Lua results in less overhead compared to JavaScript. To further improve the usability, we will additionally provide an integrated class system for our Lua implementation and more advanced development tools so you can work as comfortable as you’re used to with JavaScript. The discussions on our Discord the previous weeks, seemed to give the impression that we might integrate JavaScript as a second language in a future version as well. To clarify this: We are currently not planning on integrating JavaScript. The main reason is that the differences between Lua and JavaScript are not significant enough to justify the fragmentation of the scripting community into two parties and the additional maintenance costs. The Prototype We also received many questions about the current state of our prototype. As you might know our prototype is built upon nanos framework which contains all of our multiplayer power. Currently, we are linking the framework to Unreal Engine 4. The largest segment of the work on the package system is almost complete and we are now focusing on getting our network library ready for synchronizing basic movement of characters. Robert - the nanos newbie Finally, we want to introduce you to one of our new team members working on nanos world and related (still not announced) projects: Robert. Robert “MegaThorx” Bitschnau is 21 years old and works as an IT-technician most of his time. He does a lot of IT related stuff in his freetime aswell; next to his position at nanos and nanos world, he’s developing the german “eXo roleplay” gamemode for the GTA San Andreas modification “MTA”. He’s also currently building his very own 3D printer. Robert is one of our web developers and is responsible for the nanos world project and all nanos world related project and managing pages.
  4. Malte S.

    Can you guys make a mulitplayer mod for skyrim ?

    Please read my comments in this topic: https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/207-mafia-iii-multiplayer-mod/ P.S. Skyrim is a nice game and if you are looking for a multiplayer see also Elder Scrolls Online. Sadly they don't have the sand-box strategy we could provide. But we still have no time for that.
  5. Malte S.

    Mafia III multiplayer mod

    We have a lot of to do and also some project, especially our framework, we are working on. So there is not much time left. Please keep also in mind that every team member studies and/or has a job as well. So in the near future there will be no multiplayer project for mafia 3 or any other impressive, multiplayer-missing but -ready game created by the nanos team. To put it in a nutshell, we, the nanos team, have to focus on our current projects. It is just a matter of time and it's about our plans and project for nanos and in nanos' future.
  6. Malte S.

    (JC3MP) Call for Commercial Hoster

    Hello @BlueFangServers Our first meeting must be scheduled, I'll contact you soon. Kind regards, Malte Scholz
  7. Malte S.

    [Server Package] Server News

    Good Job :) Alr saw it on a server, works fine!
  8. Malte S.

    (JC3MP) Call for Commercial Hoster

    What du you mean with "how can You tell"? I am responsible for business and legal matters and wrote the EULA, so that is the cause why I can tell something about it. The EULA does not allow commercial server hosting: I quote section 2.1 "Licensor grants You a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to install and use the Licensed Software for Your personal, non-commercial purposes" If you want to use our software for commercial purposes, you need another license agreement granting you the right to use it (for instance to sell jc3mp servers). Without any further contract you don't have the right to use it. We want to talk with hoster about the conditions of these license agreements - together on a "round table", so any concerns and interests can be considered. Kind regards, Malte
  9. Malte S.

    What can I expect from this?

    We maybe want to add NPC in future. However, it is rly hard to add NPC, so we cannot promise it.
  10. Hello, Our current EULA does not allow commercial server hosting. However, we recognized that commercial server hosting is necessary for the infrastructure of our project, especially to establish an easy way to set up an own server. Therefore, we want to invite commercial server hoster to discuss about the conditions of their hosting licensing. Please note that every hoster who is interested in renting JC3MP servers needs a special license. Without such license you are not allowed to rent JC3MP server commercially. If you are interested please register your company here, we will contact you: https://just-cause.mp/servers/hosts/create Thank you for your interest in our project! Kind regards, Malte
  11. Malte S.

    Multiplayer for other games

    @naitoBecause GTA IV:MP had some bad issues and wasn't stable and completed enough for a release. Furthermore IV:MP wouldn't meet our own expectations and standards. Releasing a multiplayer for GTA IV isn't smart based on our experiences. A release could lead us into bigger legal issues we don't want to have. We respect their copyrights and we are really happy that we have a good partner with Square Enix on our side. We also think that Just Cause provides a lot of opportunities for RP game modes. Maybe they wouldn't be like RP game modes you would create within GTA. But imagine a RP game mode where small groups can conquer areas and bases, where they fight other groups, where they have to take care about their resources (fe. to create new vehicles, new base elements, to harvest...). This is only a small idea you could use to create a powerful and nice RP game mode. Finally this discussion here is outdated due to the reasons you wrote, so I will lock this. If you have any further questions related to this topic feel free to ask by writing a personal message. Thank you and have a good day! Malte
  12. Malte S.

    Nanos JC3:MP Public Preview 1 is live!

    No you cannot test JC3MP on a local server.
  13. Malte S.

    Nanos JC3:MP Public Preview 1 is live!

    This is a preview which only offers you a client. We need many players on some servers, not some players on many servers to get the information we need.
  14. Malte S.

    Mafia III multiplayer mod

    Hello, at the moment there are no plans for creating multiplayer modification for other games. In future we will focus on our framework which has the highest priority. To ensure a good support for nanos JC3MP we also need human resources for this project. To put it in a nutshell we have to manage our human resources to achieve our goals and to support existing projects. Thus we cannot plan any further multiplayer modifications for other games at the moment.
  15. Malte S.


    We had a great day at games com and met interesting people. I am not so happy with the presentation of some games. But all in all there was no problems with the security checks and it was well coordinated. How is your opinion?

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