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  1. Can you guys make a mulitplayer mod for skyrim ?

    Please read my comments in this topic: https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/207-mafia-iii-multiplayer-mod/ P.S. Skyrim is a nice game and if you are looking for a multiplayer see also Elder Scrolls Online. Sadly they don't have the sand-box strategy we could provide. But we still have no time for that.
  2. Mafia III multiplayer mod

    We have a lot of to do and also some project, especially our framework, we are working on. So there is not much time left. Please keep also in mind that every team member studies and/or has a job as well. So in the near future there will be no multiplayer project for mafia 3 or any other impressive, multiplayer-missing but -ready game created by the nanos team. To put it in a nutshell, we, the nanos team, have to focus on our current projects. It is just a matter of time and it's about our plans and project for nanos and in nanos' future.
  3. (JC3MP) Call for Commercial Hoster

    Hello @BlueFangServers Our first meeting must be scheduled, I'll contact you soon. Kind regards, Malte Scholz
  4. [Server Package] Server News

    Good Job :) Alr saw it on a server, works fine!
  5. (JC3MP) Call for Commercial Hoster

    What du you mean with "how can You tell"? I am responsible for business and legal matters and wrote the EULA, so that is the cause why I can tell something about it. The EULA does not allow commercial server hosting: I quote section 2.1 "Licensor grants You a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to install and use the Licensed Software for Your personal, non-commercial purposes" If you want to use our software for commercial purposes, you need another license agreement granting you the right to use it (for instance to sell jc3mp servers). Without any further contract you don't have the right to use it. We want to talk with hoster about the conditions of these license agreements - together on a "round table", so any concerns and interests can be considered. Kind regards, Malte
  6. What can I expect from this?

    We maybe want to add NPC in future. However, it is rly hard to add NPC, so we cannot promise it.
  7. Hello, Our current EULA does not allow commercial server hosting. However, we recognized that commercial server hosting is necessary for the infrastructure of our project, especially to establish an easy way to set up an own server. Therefore, we want to invite commercial server hoster to discuss about the conditions of their hosting licensing. Please note that every hoster who is interested in renting JC3MP servers needs a special license. Without such license you are not allowed to rent JC3MP server commercially. If you are interested please register your company here, we will contact you: https://just-cause.mp/servers/hosts/create Thank you for your interest in our project! Kind regards, Malte
  8. Multiplayer for other games

    @naitoBecause GTA IV:MP had some bad issues and wasn't stable and completed enough for a release. Furthermore IV:MP wouldn't meet our own expectations and standards. Releasing a multiplayer for GTA IV isn't smart based on our experiences. A release could lead us into bigger legal issues we don't want to have. We respect their copyrights and we are really happy that we have a good partner with Square Enix on our side. We also think that Just Cause provides a lot of opportunities for RP game modes. Maybe they wouldn't be like RP game modes you would create within GTA. But imagine a RP game mode where small groups can conquer areas and bases, where they fight other groups, where they have to take care about their resources (fe. to create new vehicles, new base elements, to harvest...). This is only a small idea you could use to create a powerful and nice RP game mode. Finally this discussion here is outdated due to the reasons you wrote, so I will lock this. If you have any further questions related to this topic feel free to ask by writing a personal message. Thank you and have a good day! Malte
  9. Nanos JC3:MP Public Preview 1 is live!

    No you cannot test JC3MP on a local server.
  10. Nanos JC3:MP Public Preview 1 is live!

    This is a preview which only offers you a client. We need many players on some servers, not some players on many servers to get the information we need.
  11. Mafia III multiplayer mod

    Hello, at the moment there are no plans for creating multiplayer modification for other games. In future we will focus on our framework which has the highest priority. To ensure a good support for nanos JC3MP we also need human resources for this project. To put it in a nutshell we have to manage our human resources to achieve our goals and to support existing projects. Thus we cannot plan any further multiplayer modifications for other games at the moment.
  12. Smalltalk

    We had a great day at games com and met interesting people. I am not so happy with the presentation of some games. But all in all there was no problems with the security checks and it was well coordinated. How is your opinion?
  13. Hello @Jessrabbit, First of all thank you for taking your time for sharing your opinion! You presented one side of this "when we should release" issue. I agree with your argumentation as long as you presented the "don't wait three years" position. You also have to think about the following facts please: Yes, players hate waiting and some might even consider smaller issues no problem - I can totally understand that. However, when the majority of players play a version which is unfinished and experience major problems within core gameplay a bigger part of them will be angry aswell. Furthermore, in days like these cooperations with media representatives, whether its online magazines or YouTubers, are something which is to be considered a lot: Releasing something right now would also make their work on creating Let's plays or other videos way harder - again, some might like glitches and would love to use them in their video but overall the reaction will not be as good as if we polished the mod for some more weeks. You see, there are many facts we have take into consideration: So what is our position? First of all, this project is not about making money. We can wait for donations because a donation is nothing more than a recognition for our work - a work we have not finished yet and a work you can not yet enjoy. The question from our point of view is in the end: What is the version of our modification we want you to experience first and which will for sure set the bar of what multiplayer in JC3 can be? (Beside the fact that the better a version is the more donations you will receive - but as stated before, that's not our goal.) As I mentioned before, you are right: We don't need all features we could provide in the first version. We need to find a compromise between a full powerful version and a fast but unfinished version. It's difficult to find a solution, right? It's difficult to decide what this compromise is and how to meet all expectations of our participants, partners, media guys and first of all of you players. But in the end there is also something else important: What challenge do we take ourselves? We want to release a stable version which allows a fluent gameplay and provide server owners a great API for creating many diversive gameplay experiences. We won't meet our own expectations and aspirations by releasing a not-ready-to-play version. But we recognize that you, and many others, want to play JC3:MP as soon as possible and that is what we are aiming for: We are working towards what we believe is a great compromise for all participants by releasing our very first version this year (equaling a development time under one year). Preperations of planning this release, such as milestones, test schedules, etc. are already going on as of. We only can ask you to trust us. To believe in us, our project and to support us but giving us some more time. Not much, but some. There will be new information soon, I promise. All the best, Malte
  14. Community guidelines & rules

    Please notice the new update.
  15. Just some words regarding to JC3 software protection: We don't change our mind: JC3 is a rly nice game and we respect other's intellecutal property (namely the copyright of Avalanche). We won't neither improve nor bypass the given software protection without any permissions. On the one hand we are not going to create a crack or a bypass, on the other hand it's not up to us to protect JC3 software. In other words we won't touch the given software protection.