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  1. Questions about checkpoints

    Haha, you say forums are a little slow- but you answered all of my questions in the time that it took me to get dinner and hit the gym. Thanks so much- for these answers and the ones you regularly post in the forums-- it's been a huge help.
  2. Questions about checkpoints

    So, I'm building a racing module, and I'm working to incorporate an in-game race builder. I'm working with adding checkpoints, and it sure would be helpful if the appearance of the checkpoints could be altered. For example, when editing a race, the user can select an existing checkpoint to edit. It would be nice if the selected checkpoint could be differentiated by a color in the world view (e.g. change from red to green). I'm pretty sure that the answer is no, but is there currently any way to alter the color of a checkpoint? For example, in singleplayer, the wingsuit race checkpoints are white and red. Is this option not available in jcmp, or is there possibly an alternate model hash that I need to use? Since I haven't been able to change the color of the checkpoint, I've just been drawing a bigger checkpoint around the selected checkpoint to help distinguish it. Is there any way to animate a checkpoint? Ideally, I'd instantiate an timer in my checkpoint manager to tween the rotation property of the focused checkpoint, but it seems like using setInterval in the client main.js seems to throw a blank error. Is it possible to use timer functions within the client component? Is there a clear definition of what the 'type' property on a checkpoint actually does? I've only found the type with a value of 1 to place a visible checkpoint. And for the love of god, can anyone tell my why it seems like one out of every 10 checkpoints I place turns out as a semicircle instead of a full circle? Image and code below: ... placeCheckpoint = () => { if(this.mode === this.BUILD_MODE) { try{ var chk = new Checkpoint(1, this.CHECKPOINT_MODEL_HASH, jcmp.localPlayer.position, jcmp.localPlayer.rotation); chk.radius = 6; this.builder.addCheckpoint(chk); } catch(err){ jcmp.ui.CallEvent('gorakracer/ui/log', 'Error occurred:'+JSON.stringify(err)); } } } ... https://imgur.com/a/rKGrg Thanks. -Mad Mad