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    Some Questions

  2. carLos186

    Some Questions

    hello again, now i wanted to install the default chat package. i got the error function delayed.delay wasnt found. Any Ideas?
  3. carLos186

    Some Questions

    Okay I´ll try! But how can i be sure that nobody needs more than 2 seconds to connect and load all packages? I didn´t found an event like playerafterspawn in the documentation. Is there an event like this? Is the documentation on just-cause.mp the latest?
  4. carLos186

    Some Questions

    Hi everyone, I have some questions and i hope anybody can help me out. At the very first im asking where i can find known bugs? Im new in jc3mp and i just tried to start my first server with this package: jcmp.events.Add('PlayerDeath', player => { player.respawnPosition = player.position player.Respawn(); }); jcmp.events.Add('PlayerReady', player => { player.GiveWeapon(2307691279, 100, true); }); if i connect/reconnect, sometimes i got the weapon and sometimes don´t. Any Ideas? I just downloaded the dedicated server from steam and don´t installed anything on the server. Sorry if my englisch i much bad, im german xD Thank you!

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