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  1. Speyd3r

    chat2 - An advanced chat replacement

    thank you sooo much, this gave me a headache for the past 5 hours xD
  2. Speyd3r

    chat2 - An advanced chat replacement

    Awesoime package, but I got a problem, I renamed "chat2" to "chat", but for some reason tags aren't showing and the color of the player name wont show. It seems like it's not getting the playerdata from freeroam :/ any reason that could be?
  3. Speyd3r

    Server crashes while many players are online

    Not that many I think, 4 hours ago (morning for Europe, so no one was online) the server missed a frame every 10min to one hour (the latter was more likely). Right now there are some people on it, 2 missed frames where 5 minutes apart, but no missed frames ~45 min before that (can’t see more of the console atm)
  4. Speyd3r

    Server crashes while many players are online

    just a wild guess but is it important that all packages have the correct foldernames? Like the same name thats in the package.json?
  5. Speyd3r

    Server crashes while many players are online

    Ok thats the link is used so erverything should be on the newest version. last crash happend around 2 hours ago, it had a lockup but I still dont know why.
  6. Speyd3r

    Server crashes while many players are online

    I'm using almost no custom ones, the basic ones (chat, command-hints & manager, freeroam & spawn menu) minimap* (https://github.com/derbl4ck/jc3mp-minimap) vehicle booster justcord multivehiclespawn servernews + keycatcher teleport menu (xonos utils) warpgui and a "custom" YouTube embedded player that uses the ui of the warpgui (with all the tp stuff taken out) *I added the link cause I couldn't find it in the release section It could be that my base packages are not up to date (I used the link from the server creation guide off steam) because whenever I click on the packages link on the JC3MP homepage, and log into steam, it displays an error saying something went wrong.
  7. Hi, got a (maybe) small problem, while many players are on my server, crashes happen more often. While I've already made a script to restart it instantly, it still makes me sad loosing people while prime time. The logs show (again maybe) nothing really interesting: Scripting, Server, Network and server_entity_sync logs show nothing out of order. only the JsLanguagePlugin lists the same error every ~13-20 minutes: [2018-01-15 17:50:19]: Error at: ../../modules/Scripting/plugins/JsLanguage/include/V8Utils.h:[43] [2018-01-15 17:50:19]: Invalid argument type could that be it? Server is a rented dedicatd server running Ubuntu and JC3MP version should be the newest (using public beta) I'm seriously running out of ideas.

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