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  1. Aaron K.

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.5 is now available

    Make sure steam is running. If it is, try holding shift when launching the multiplayer and re-select your JustCause3.exe.
  2. Aaron K.

    spawn menu extension

    Nice this looks cool, vehicle RGB isn't supported in the client yet, but maybe it will in the future. Vehicle classes / types are from this list - https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp-packages/spawn-menu/blob/master/client_package/ui/script.js#L16
  3. Aaron K.

    Mouse Stuck in Top-Left Corner of Game Window

    This is related to Teamviewer QuickConnect overlay. Open TeamViewer -> Click Extras -> Options -> Advanced -> Show advanced options -> Click Configure under Quick Connect Options Then either Disable it -> Uncheck the box that says "Show QuickConnect button". Add an exception -> Type "PlayJCMP.exe" into the text area then click "Add".
  4. Aaron K.

    How does JC3MP hook into JC3?

    peloader and memcpy Messaging us on discord is probably a quicker way of getting answers from us (there's usually an admin online all the time there)
  5. Aaron K.

    Development Blog - Week 42

    Hello, welcome to another development blog (42). We've made lots of improvements and general fixes over this week that we're excited to share with you. Nametags Alex's depth tested renderer has been exposed to the scripting API which allows for rendering of text and textures in the 3d world. Nametags have been removed from the client and moved into a client package so server developers are free to customize them. You can view all our public server packages (including nametags) at https://gitlab.nanos.io/groups/jc3mp-packages. Passengers A feature in the game was breaking our passenger stuff which forced us disable the feature in the last minute for the public preview, that has been fixed and passenger entry has been re-enabled. Vehicles which have a gunner seat have been synced so aiming and shooting is working correctly. Player Sync Improvements We have made some changes to the player interpolation code, this now also applies to players stunting on a vehicle which fixes issues with laggy movement. Swimming sync has also been improved and you will no longer see players swimming above the water or swimming in the wrong direction. During the preview, if a player was streamed in whilst using the parachute or wingsuit the correct state would not be applied (you would see players using a parachute without the model visible), this is fixed now. Bug Fixes - Boats which have a cargo bay door are now properly synced. - Fixed issues with vehicles always spawning with rotation 0, 0, 0 (facing north) - Fixed a possible dead-lock when connecting to a server That's it for this week, we have started working on more awesome stuff which we hope will be ready to show off in our next development blog.
  6. Aaron K.

    cannot join any server

    We released an update earlier today so all the servers will require you to download the latest version. You'll need 3.0.6 from https://dl.nanos.io/ Let me know if that works for you.
  7. Aaron K.

    Client version 3.0.6 released

    The update(s) won't effect the keybinds you set when playing jc3mp.
  8. Hi guys, We've just updated the client which is now available at https://dl.nanos.io/. This build should improve overall client stability and load times during teleports. You must be running this update to connect to any of the preview servers. Here's the full changelog for this build. Have fun and report any bugs you find in this topic. Thanks
  9. Aaron K.

    Development Blog - Week 28

    Sebi posted in discord & shoutbox - devblog will be posted in the morning.
  10. Aaron K.

    JC3:MP and JC3 DLCs?

    Just what Demoux said, you can still play without any DLC.
  11. Aaron K.

    Development Blog - Week 24

    It's working on every vehicle which has more than 1 colour in single player, I know that it doesn't work on military jets (they have the camo decals), but I think we'll be able to figure out how to change that at some point.
  12. Aaron K.

    Development Blog - Week 21

    I'm personally interested in looking into something like this after we have a stable release of jc3mp.
  13. Aaron K.

    Voice Transmission

    Some guy on GTA-MP forums made a server package for this using node.js. You can just port that over to JC3-MP and it will work. https://github.com/Cludch/GTA-MP-voiceChat
  14. Aaron K.

    There's another GTA V multiplayer running?

    We've known about it for some time, but they state Take Two won't take them down because they're modding singleplayer (or so I think that's what I read). The problem is GTA:MP also was a singleplayer mod (meaning we didn't reverse engineering GTA:O components of the game like FiveM), turns out Take Two doesn't care which route you take, if you're competing with GTA:O you will probably get a knock on the door. Best of luck to their project, but once it gains some popularity it's only a matter of time before Take Two hear about it.

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