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  1. Player Model ?

    Okey thanks!
  2. Player Model ?

    Oh ok ! I thought we were already in 1.1. ^^ Do you have an approximate date (even very approximate) of the release of this update? A priori I can therefore already begin development on the assumption that later a variable will exist to change that exact?
  3. Player Model ?

    Hello, I came across a devlog that talks about it but there is no information on how this possibility is exploited ( https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/3755-jc3mp-11-development- blog-2/ ). On "Main Topic: new characters" it is indicated that you have worked on the possibility of changing appearance while keeping the faculties of Rico (grapple, wingsuit etc). I would like today that the players who join my server can look different from Rico's. Is it possible to exploit the appearance of NPC so that players can choose an appearance from a defined list? Sorry if it's a duplicate but I can not find a subject that specifically talks about it.