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  1. Oen44


    No need for that. If you want to download this mod, go to steam store. http://store.steampowered.com/app/619910/Just_Cause_3_Multiplayer_Mod/
  2. Oen44

    Some Questions

    Use PlayerRespawn event rather than PlayerReady.
  3. Oen44

    Gamemode Ideas

    1. PaintBall Making subrifle able to fire special projectiles that acts as paintballs and kills you with one hit. 2 teams 16vs16 4 teams 4vs4vs4vs4 2. RPG(?) Character level, experience from quests / killing. The better gun the more requirements needed to be able to use it. Gathering money to buy ammunition, guns etc. Some guns are rare and obtainable through crafting. 3. Zombie Plague Some players starts as zombies, some are humans that need to gather equipment and defend from zombies. If you die as human, you become zombie till all humans die or time passes. I hope that new update will help me with most things that are needed to get those modes done. So much to override, right now it's not possible to do those things :(
  4. Oen44

    JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #9

    But for real... We are not quitting because of some delay. If it's going to take more time than expected, then let it be. I bet that we all prefer to get full update with most things working properly even if it's going to be delayed. I hope we all know how things can turn in life, private life, job etc.
  5. Oen44

    Cannot visit Packages Page

    You can download some basic packages here.
  6. Oen44

    JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #8

    I'm going crazy while waiting for 1.1 update! HYYYYYPE
  7. Oen44

    Will a dedicated server tool be added to Steam

    You can buy cheap VPS and setup JC3MP server there. You won't need to forward any ports by default. P.S Try with Hamachi.
  8. More events! WeaponFire (player, weaponid (hash)) - player fires weapon (possible to return false to prevent shoot) PlayerDamaged(attackerId, victimId) - (called when attacker hits victim, shots, explosions etc) ItemPicked(player, itemId) - (player picked ammunition, weapon etc.) ClientCommand(player, string:cmd) - catch command/action player pressed (get in vehicle, get out, jump, use boost etc) with ability to prevent further execution (return false to cancel command execution, like preventing from boosting, getting in car etc). "cmd" return string like "#player_getin_car", "#player_getin_plane", "#player_boost" etc. Pre and Post actions for events, for example, PrePlayerDeath is executed before every calculations, adding score etc is done, and after that PostPlayerDeath is executed and that's when all players know that someone died. Editing messages sent/received by server. If someone is killed, we can catch message like object that killed player and set new value for that message (using Pre events we can change some things with that, before clients receive for example player death). Some way to receive online players by number and their nicknames (for servers list etc.).
  9. Hello, What are the minimum system requirements for server to run properly? Can you tell how much server RAM each player uses? Is it possible that while joining server, server crashes with "Segmentation Fault" error because CPU 2.53MHz and 512MB RAM are not enough? Linux Ubuntu 14.
  10. Oen44

    More player events.

    Hey, Is it possible that in future updates, more events will be available to hook? For example, player fire weapon. I'd like to create Paintball Mod (or something close to Paintball gameplay), so I'll have to deny shooting bullets, create balls (or rockets :o) at player position and add some velocity to them so it looks like player fired them. BTW. creating entities like rockets or something, is it even possible? If yes, what about making player as owner of those entities? So clients know who fired that rocket and who killed them.

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