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  1. Faceles

    Armstrong, Gameplay and Myami

  2. Faceles

    nanos world - prototype, more ideas and a new team member

    neat, can't wait for all the great work you guys do
  3. Faceles

    JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #9

    Atleast this isn't EA where the update would cost an additional 100$ from the base game. In all seriousness you guys have done great so far, so if taking your time means we will get a better end result, i'm content waiting.
  4. Faceles

    Vote for us - Mod Of The Year Awards 2017

    ^ same, posted it in my 40+ player jc3mp discord server too. Cheers guys, amazing work. Without you I'd have to do something else in my freetime xD
  5. Relevant info I get when I start up my server in my instance, seems the package.json is screwed up somehow. No 'package.json' found. Creating default 'package.json'. [2017-11-25 22:03:02]: main file not found in Package or no suitable language "u nnamed-jcmp-package" [/jc3/packages/jc3mp-mvs-master/] [2017-11-25 22:03:02]: Invalid script engine when trying to start package [2017-11-25 22:03:02]: Could not start package (Script Engine not found?)
  6. So this is basically a dead post isn't it? I mean servers still use the package but apparently everyone hates me and doesn't want to help ;( jk this is actually a really nice community send help
  7. Faceles

    [ServerPackage]Command spawn POI

    It'd be nice if this got cleared out a bit then, lots of outdated packages and few new ones
  8. Faceles

    [ServerPackage]Command spawn POI

    what exactly does this do? Does it make a new /tp location or make the location into the spawn when you first enter the server? Or something else?
  9. Doesn't seem to be working at all on my server, the packages is where it's supposed to be and all, but nothing happens. /bvs doesn't even work, it's as if the package isn't even there
  10. Faceles

    Server problems... ueghhhhhhhh

    Clarification: If I leave the masterlist-package config.json blank then it says that the server is set to announce as false, even though in the main config.json that isn't the case, it's set to true. That makes me think the masterlist-package config.json is actually useful. But then again Authkeys aren't a thing. So, I'm pretty damn confused.
  11. Faceles

    Server problems... ueghhhhhhhh

    After some trouble shooting I added ports 4201 and 4203 but still same general errors
  12. I've done basically everything I need to do, but I get some real nice... not rage or headache inducing errors. 23:41:08 - error: could not announce the server to the masterlist: connect ECONNREFUSED 23:41:08 - error: error helper: Your firewall might block access to the masterlist or the masterlist might be down right now. I know authkeys aren't a thing anymore but what should I put in masterlist-package config.json? should I leave it blank and only poke around in the main config? because that doesn't seem to work either. Even though it's erroring out I can join since localhost, and before I poked around in the masterlist-package config.json It worked the same too. What should I do to make it show up on the server list? I have made new rules in firewall for 4200 and 4202, do I need more? halp

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