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    Submit your ideas and change the way JC3MP is developed

    Hello, i have couple suggestions for JC3MP. 1. When you go to /passive, it would be nice that vehicles would be invincible aswell (or maybe have another chat command to make vehicle you're riding invincible), because other players usually just destroy your vehicles and you can't liftoff with a plane or cruise around with your friends when you want to. (i noticed that there is an plugin called vhpManager that lets you change your vehicle health or make it invincible, but i assume that server maker/owner needs to put it on their server so players can use it?) although if vehicles would be invincible when using /passive or other chat command, good thing would be that vehicles would either go through non-passive players or make no damage to them to prevent griefing. 2. Ability to lock and unlock vehicle doors with chat commands for example, so players can't steal your vehicle.