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  1. I can see and join my server on the original mod, but it doesn't work in the Steam version. I cannot find any links or information that says I need to update anything. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  2. The Fish Awakens - Some key features about the server: - You can spawn multiple vehicles - There is a teleportation GUI - Freeroam What do we offer players? - Fair rules on the server (Only rule is staff decisions are final. Use common sense) - Decent connection, and uptime. (Will not usually be available between 12:00 A.M. and 7:00 A.M. [However, these are not set in stone]) - A Discord Server: https://discord.gg/MupdyD3 (edited Discord Server link to never expire)
  3. The console says that it timed out while trying to connect to the Mongodb server.
  4. Okay. I'll let you know tomorrow evening. I'm currently not near the computer that has the server files on it. I plan on taking what I've learned from playing with the first server I tried making, and perfecting it in a second one. What would be fantastic is if you made a step-step video of how to install and get the package correctly running.
  5. Awesome!!
  6. Do you think tethering will be implemented soon? It's one of the things I loved doing to other players in JC2MP. Tethering their planes to the ground and watching them crash, lol.
  7. I used the npm install command to try and install the mongodb drivers. Why does the U.I. not come in the package rather than requiring a connection to a server? I'm new to JC3MP and server hosting.
  8. For some odd reason I cannot connect to the Mongodb server. And the UI will not load. But the / commands work just fine! Great pack :)
  9. How is Skyrim a bad game...?
  10. What's up, guys?? I recently bought Just Cause 3, and I'm excited to start playing both the story and multiplayer! I hope this forum is active and informative.