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  1. No. We don't have the time atm for creating another multiplayer. We'll have a look in further multipalyer projects next to jc3mp and our framework somewhen in the future.
  2. That's why it's called "BETA". No, that's absolutely useless.
  3. Superino duderino Have fun developing and playing in JC3MP ;)
  4. error

    We'll have a look into it somewhen in the future, but most likely not.
  5. error

  6. As we said a thousand times: we'll release the 1.0 version on Steam. We didn't wanted to have a Beta version on Steam, which is why the current release can be downloaded through our website. By the way: it isn't that easy to get such a multiplayer mod on Steam without the support of the Publisher and Developers of the main game (and yes, we have the support). Ps: enjoy your warning.
  7. error

    it's somewhen in the night in america, it's not even the weekend and and it's the first day after launch. Calm down.
  8. error

    Over 2.400 downloads after less than 12 hours: We released somewhen in the night for the most european countries.
  9. error

    Collecting donations, selling merchandise or stuff. They should be a lil' bit creative, there is not just one way to earn money with a gameserver.
  10. error

    An eco system with ingame money is possible, but selling ingame money or ingame content for real money is definitely not allowed. @shadowreaper999 they're allowed to collect donations or stuff. But they're definitely not allowed to sell ingame stuff.
  11. error

    We do not tolerate selling ingame content for real money.
  12. I lock it because you know why you are banned. Have fun with your first warning.
  13. no.
  14. error

    Idc if this was a joke. Yes. That's true. And I said also because of your language and because of being very annoying. I unmuted you and you kept asking stuff. Deal with it. #closed
  15. Sup, new friend, Nano here. Welcome.