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  1. louij2

    Server Won't announce to Masterlist

    I have a client_packages folder in the root of the server files is that wrong? I'll change it
  2. louij2

    [EU] Luca's Network

    Not on master list as having problems but connect with IP: C4 enabled just a casual freeroam server. Still in development so I may announce a restart which would take 20 seconds max.
  3. louij2

    Server Won't announce to Masterlist

    B anyone had this problem
  4. louij2

    wingsuit duration

    Done it +1
  5. louij2

    Help with server setup

    Dont need Steam get SteamCMD follow this tutorial to install it https://www.vultr.com/docs/setting-up-a-garrys-mod-game-server
  6. louij2

    wingsuit duration

    Hi which file do I edit to enable this?
  7. louij2

    How to change vehicle spawn limit?

    Hi how can i set the limit to 3
  8. louij2

    What tutorial /guide do you want?

    Also how to bring in the airship?
  9. louij2

    What tutorial /guide do you want?

    Basic server setup please :)
  10. louij2

    Server Won't announce to Masterlist

    SteamCMD is running in another terminal window?
  11. louij2

    Server Won't announce to Masterlist

    Deleted Steam and installed SteamCMD, but server still doesn't show? These are my startup logs
  12. louij2

    Server Won't announce to Masterlist

    Just did your steps no difference one problem is its not loading my steam anymore as I have a graphics problem with my linux system that I haven't been able to fix ever might have to do a whole system wipe if i can't fix it. To do with the Nvidia drivers, might just go ubuntu much easier
  13. Hi my server was on the master list before and then i changed a few settings and created a banner it then said the banner size is too big so i made the image smaller to 107kb and changed that and now it doesn't show failed or broadcasted to master list, the server is up and running and I can connect with ip: