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  1. WhoDisBe

    4k Display issue

    If you didn't already switch back the settings out of 4k, then there's your problem. Also keep in mind that JC3 was never meant to run at 4k. So naturally you'd get some issues with that. Also note that the RX470 was never meant to play full games at 4k, much like NVidia's GTX 1060. You're better off with setting to maybe 1440p or 1080p.
  2. WhoDisBe

    What a drag.

    I'm a JC2MP veteran. And in the three years I've been playing JC2MP, I can say you are dead wrong, son. JC2MP used to be bouncing every single day. Hundreds of players in each of the dedicated and fully fleshed servers. People are just waiting for the Steam release. People like you have absolutely zero patience and knowledge of how these things work.