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  1. JC3:MP Beta 0.9.6/0.9.7 is now available

    Such as, when I'm racing with a few friends (australian server since were australian to be specific), I always see the vehicle going back and forth when its going straight. The flying vehicles are fine, but it's just the land vehicles that are the problem. It happens half the time. Mostly random since when were going really fast, the vehicles aren't in sync for example.
  2. JC3:MP Beta 0.9.6/0.9.7 is now available

    The vehicle sync is not really, 'synced' yet.
  3. Hardware needed to host a server

    Hope they make it so Mac's can make servers xD
  4. When the mod is released, will it also be in the 'Tools' server section in Steam? Or do we download from this site only?
  5. Would we need some sort of application to create servers? Or do you provide them?
  6. Also, is there gonna be any servers in Australia?
  7. WOOHOO!!! Can't wait for the ziplines! Btw, weren't the ziplines featured in Beta?
  8. And also, I'm not sure if this is added yet though, but can you make it so that more then one player can enter a car?
  9. How about adding a zipline? It was in Just Cause 3 Beta, until they removed it, honestly this was such a great idea, plus, if you're able to, can you also make it so we can shoot while going down the zipline?
  10. Nanos JC3:MP Public Preview 1 is live!

    How do you chat though?
  11. Nanos JC3:MP Public Preview 1 is live!

    Thanks! Everything works now! :D
  12. Nanos JC3:MP Public Preview 1 is live!

    ( Comment Deleted, by me)