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  1. is this for when the game crashes and your PC becomes a potato.
  2. (Not a dev this is just my opinion) Sorry. I see where your coming from and your right it would be amazing for console gamers to be able to experience this but I don't think it's possible like he said. Outside of that There is already tons of bugs and errors with the current version. Outside of that how would server hosting go. This group of developers does not host the servers for PC imagine the amount of servers that would need to be hosted for console.
  3. mines kind of working now. Every time it crashes (20 - 45 minutes) restart your PC and then it should work. If your OS is installed on a HHD and not a SSD then this is going to get very repetitive. Luckily mine is on a SSD.
  4. what are your specs just checking for errors with certain hardware.
  5. so number one. My specs are on the lower end but i only see one thing that could be related to the game crashing like this, i only have 8 GB of ram and i could play the mod and it would work pretty well and it would crash probably every 30-45 minutes. A little annoying but i could handle it, now im lucky to get to the main menu half the time the game freezes at exactly 15% and i cant get into a game even when i get to the main menu. i get into the game sometimes, it lets me play for a good 15 seconds and then... crash. Sometimes i dont even get into the game before it crashes. this has been happening for probably the last 4 hours and ive tried restarting my PC multiple times, uninstalling and reinstalling the mod multiple times, and ive even tried reinstalling the game. I have no idea what to do if there is a solution id like to know about it ASAP. Thanks for reading this please help.
  6. its working for me atleast. idk
  7. They Fixed it! woke up this morning and it worked :)
  8. Same. I already own this game on PS4 only reason i bought it was for the mod. Figured this was the best time to pick it up. $15 Ill be refunding it in a couple days if they dont fix this quick.
  9. They should fix it soon. Everyone that tries to download it should have this issue if im right and the install file is corrupted.
  10. Same. I just made a topic on this. Im pretty sure the file on there site is corrupted. Hope they fix it fast because just like you i really want to play this mod.
  11. Important Specs: Intel i-3 6100 GPU: GTX 950 8 GB G. Skill Ripjaw memory OS: Windows 10 So Every time i run the installer i get an error It reads Upon clicking "More info" This happens After clicking "Run Anyway" this pops up Im almost certain the file on your website is corrupted. Ive tried using different browsers ive tried reinstalling. I cant get it to work. Please help me as i really want to play this, ive seen a few other people with this issue.