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  1. Crescentfresh

    Troling Players

    This reminds me of when in parofed we would start our roadtrips in a remote location or someone would realize what's happening and tag along. Like a virus from a dead corpse.
  2. Crescentfresh

    Troling Players

    This here. Also, as you slowly build up a community on a certain server and build rapport with the admins/mods, they won't usually shy away from reprimanding and repeatedly kicking a player if they're specifically bothering you and/or your group. Frequent offenders will get known and possibly banned. Server owners want to keep a good population and a good community. Good servers will police to an extent but remember that it will always happen once in a while.
  3. Crescentfresh

    What a drag.

    Actually it was "alive" for much more than those beta 3-day testing events, sure there was less people after that but there was still a few hundred online at any time for a long time. It always starts like this, many servers and people all spread out but you will see it change in time.
  4. Crescentfresh

    [English]BattleRoyale server(close for now)

    When this re opens Ill check it out!
  5. Crescentfresh

    Why is there no one on any servers?

    and also does not have as much customization and large mods like jc2mp did. Once that gets going, it will get BIG. Faction wars / Build World / Racing / Real Life / Survival District / many other types for those who remember
  6. Crescentfresh

    Troling Players

    This happened a lot in jc2mp and me as well as a few others had so much cash on the server (buying restrictions) that we just set bounties on the heads of such people, and they would be constantly hunted. Fun times!
  7. Crescentfresh

    I miss one thing

    Did you play jc2mp where when you teather'd more than two vehicles together it creates a vehicular tornado of death? I miss that, so we need this :P
  8. Crescentfresh

    Submit your ideas and change the way JC3MP is developed

    Good idea, although I feel Steam group chat is easier since you can be selective IDEA/Question: Are there plans for object spawning (in the future) similar to what you had with building structures in jc2mp? I feel it ads a lot to the game. Of course it's not anywhere near a priority now but I am curious
  9. Crescentfresh

    Recommended Videos to watch?

    Hey 'cuzzers. I hope everyone out there is enjoying the multiplayer having a blast! I've been out of the loop since my gaming rig broke down years ago and wanted to see what's been happening, and can't seem to find any good videos covering the release of the mod. ... I'm talking about videos without a streamers head in the window yelling drunkenly into the mic laughing hysterically every time a vehicle happens to blow up. I can only bear so much. If you know of any, to keep me a part of the community until I build my next computer it would be really appreciated. Looking forward to playing with all of you soon! PAROFED FOR LIFE!
  10. Crescentfresh

    Submit your ideas and change the way JC3MP is developed

    ABSOLUTELY! That game mode was the second longest I played on the server (aside from Jman100s buildworld) They have stated multiple times that it is PC only (a lot of development and licensing challenges for community devs that wouldnt be worth the time).
  11. Crescentfresh

    No more servers

    I see many have replied already with a similar opinion but I feel this is needed to be said. JC2MP started out very similar and then there were around 6 main servers or so. People will automatically converge as servers start to develop their own allure and personality. This mod has only been live for less than two months so this is jumping the gun a little bit. Thanks for your view