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  1. Jeff

    JUST CAUSE 3 Stunt Montage - Sedulity

    Epic work dab88, really enjoy watching the work you put into your masterpieces
  2. Jeff

    Progress on Armstrong

  3. Jeff

    Steam: Can't Download Mod?

    No, you must own the Just Cause 3 base game to play JC3-MP. Family sharing is not supported.
  4. Jeff

    Build for Jc3

    Why not get an ssd?
  5. Jeff

    Are DLCs available for use online?

    It is possible to use DLC on the server but only if it has been enabled serverside. There are limitations with sync in the land mechs and the airship is missing in the air dlc. In regards to the wingsuit boost, the boost function is available in the base game and isn't added part of dlc. The model for the wingsuit is dlc.
  6. Jeff

    Is co-op mode possible?

    If you mean the missions, then currently no. Other than that you can run a lan based server with a number of the packages available online.
  7. Jeff

    How to use gear mods in multiplayer

    That is correct, they are both disabled. Perhaps re-enabled at a later date but no confirmation of when that will be.
  8. Jeff

    The mod won't download for me.

    If the game is family shared, it won't work. Otherwise, set your steam profile to public, refresh ownership. If that doesn't work, log in and out of just-cause.mp.
  9. Jeff

    JC-MP on PS4?

    No, it can't due to technical and legal issues.
  10. Jeff

    Multiplayer Mod Download Issue

    Log out of just-cause.mp and log back in.
  11. Jeff

    Must Own the game

    Make sure your steam profile is public. Log out of just-cause.mp and log back in.
  12. Jeff

    How do I spawn NPCs in my own server?

    It is planned for the future but there is no given date or time.
  13. Jeff

    Privacy settings

    Have you tried refreshing to show ownership? Otherwise you can log out of just-cause.mp and log back in when you steam profile is public, that should resolve your issues. After you are logged in then you can change your steam profile back to friends/private without issue.
  14. Jeff

    just cause

  15. Jeff

    cant get the client to work

    No, you need to change your steam profile visibility to public. Log into just-cause.mp then try and download. You may have to log out of steam on the just-cause.mp page first to refresh the cache.

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