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  1. Anzo

    Just Cause 3 Logo Font

  2. Anzo

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    The hype is real
  3. Looks like it worked, thank you very much! One more question though. Is there a way to act as the fake player like you could in the GTA-MP STA by using FakePlayer.exe?
  4. I think that I've installed the emulator correctly... However, how do I connect with a "fake player"? A more detailed version would be much appreciated!
  5. Anzo

    Announcing the JC3:MP Preview

    Awesome! Hyped af :D
  6. Anzo

    Development Blog - Week 27

    Good stuff, looking forward to the video :)
  7. Anzo

    Development Blog - Week 11

    Awesome! Looking forward for the STP!
  8. Anzo

    Development Blog - Week 9

    Awesome news! Keep it up
  9. Anzo

    Development Blog - Week 8

  10. Anzo

    Development Blog - Week 6

    Great job! Any news regarding this?:

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