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  1. Martin K.

    Submit your ideas and change the way JC3MP is developed

    It is already implemented
  2. Martin K.

    Contribution & Donations

    Hi Folks! First of all we'd like to thank everyone of you for your help and support. After the disaster with GTA:Multiplayer we are glad that we found a way to continue in the future. We have to build up a new community from scratch and even though some people from GTA:MP have already found us again we need your support to make this forums more active. We need your contribution, no matter what it is, even if it's just telling a friend that we still exist and created a new community. Every donation, every retweet on twitter, every post on Facebook, every subscriptor on YouTube or follower on Twitter, Reddit or Facebook helps and is one step towards making this community big again. We are thankful for everything you do for us and the whole community. Here are our social media links. Be sure to follow them if possible. https://facebook.com/nanosframework https://twitter.com/nanos_framework https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC13x8ujr2JictFvUFITYyMA https://www.reddit.com/r/nanos https://www.facebook.com/justcause3mp/ https://twitter.com/justcause3_mp https://www.reddit.com/r/justcause3mp https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC13x8ujr2JictFvUFITYyMA http://steamcommunity.com/groups/jc3mp Also you can join our discord channel https://discord.gg/0gyoeMRbp166GviN About donations: https://nanos.io/contribute/ In order to get a donator rank in the forums (to show others that you support the project) you need to donate at least 10€. Thanks for everything and your support. Regards, the nanos multiplayer framework team
  3. Hey Folks! We want to hear from you what you expect from us and JC3MP (asset import, map editing, map editor etc.). Feel free to write anything down you can imagine (even if it's the stupiest or most craziest idea)
  4. Martin K.

    Shoutbox buggy?

    Yeah seem to work no more.. Well it is in development, I'll try to fix it
  5. Martin K.

    Multiplayer for other games

    It has nothing to do with being paranoid. It has something to with that we are not interested in creating multiplayers for Take2. Anyway there is already an alternative multiplayer for that, you can check it out: m2-multiplayer.com It's our lives, our careers and our decisions if we decide to say no, you can respect it , or not...
  6. Martin K.

    Multiplayer for other games

    The votes are just a base for us that we know what people want us to do and what they'd love to see. Of course creating an own game seems to be the best option for the community, as we could implement and do whatever we want. Without a kickstarter or gofoundme campaign we won't be able to do it as we would have to hire freelancer or artist to create content. This is just an option. So just because there's an option on top we won't do it right now. So votes != decision. Anyway thanks for your feedback and your input, I appreciate it!
  7. Martin K.

    Multiplayer for other games

    Because there will still be people who play GTA:Online on GTA:V and spend money on shark cards. The only reason why they accepted SA:MP was because it was no risk for t heir business as GTA:SA has no multiplayer. For discussions you can create a topic here: https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/forum/20-discussion/
  8. Martin K.

    Multiplayer for other games

  9. Martin K.

    Multiplayer for other games

    Of course it's a great idea, but you have to see the whole project. The main reason nanos was founded for is to create a framework where game & indie developers can build up on their mltiplayer. We would have to take for example the CryEngine or Unreal 4 Engine, have to implement a lot of stuff, create a map editor where servers are able to create their own maps. You still do not know if the community creates the assets for "free" or even creates enough to fullfil our needs. A 'safe' way is to take a AAA title, talk with the publisher and the developers, get support, develop your stuff on that base. A lot of you guys probably know http://www.identityrpg.com/ , a lot of people say this project failed, no new content for months, no more donations / funds, no informations from devs, some even say the leaders took the rest of the money and got away with it etc.. To create an own game is more than just taking an engine and creating your stuff on it. I really like the idea but we would need a larger team which works on the multiplayer basis. Of course we could go to greenlight and kickstarter and start a huge project, but without a great concept behind it the people will not spend much money. First of all we have to know what the community wants, this is something like Resource import (Vehicles, Characters, Objects, Shaders, Textures) Sandbox (Create your own maps (compared to Far Cry Map Editor)) Content streaming from server to client (including map) High entity (player, vehicle) count on one server Detailed systems (cloth changing(parts - feet, head), vehicle tuning, animations) Support for VR and TrackIR DirectX 12 Support (http://cdn.wccftech.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/NVIDIA-DirectX-12-API-Performance.jpg) And a lot more.
  10. Martin K.

    Multiplayer for other games

    What about Watchdogs?
  11. Martin K.

    Multiplayer for other games

    Well the question is @GuenoesNoLife, which game the community would like us to work on Feel free to post any games you imagine where you'd like to see a mp on
  12. Martin K.

    Multiplayer for other games

    Hi, so we were thinking for which game we could create an alternative multiplayer, so far we have this list: Far Cry 3 Far Cry 4 LA Noire The Witcher 3 Just Cause 3 (Just Cause 2 devs do not develop a multiplayer for it) Skyrim Watch Dogs Fallout 3 Fallout 4 Sleeping Dogs What do you think? On which game would you like to see an alternative multiplayer?

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