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    Welcome to our very first development blog for quite some while! As some of you might have already noticed we are currently working on a bigger update, namely 0.9.9. With this update we will be adressing a lot of issues our players had so far and will set the course for our upcoming 1.0 release on Steam. So far we have improved debugging of crashes (making it easier to catch and investigate them), fixed a lot of menu related issues (e.g. being stuck on the download screen), fixed issues with Steam when reconnecting to a server (being endlessly kicked due to an "invalid app ticket") and many more smaller bugfixes. In addition to that, we are also introducing a set of new API features, for example being able to directly draw textures to a players display. We also added a worldToScreen function and implemented missing properties (e.g. "type" for checkpoints). Furthermore we are currently working on more features and bugfixes such as the ability to remove the player weapons, making it possible to properly remove a player from a vehicle/prevent him from entering a vehicle and allowing each player to control the CEF volume in their main menu. We are also aiming to release a fully recoded server with 0.9.9 supporting multithreading and fixing the lockups/crashes many server owners have been experiencing in the last versions. You can see our full milestone plan here: https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp/bugs/milestones/5 If development goes as planned we are expecting to launch 0.9.9 at the beginning of March.
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