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    We are happy to announce our very first JC3:MP gamemode contest in collaboration with Square Enix. Goal of this competition is to make more varied gamemodes available to play on Just Cause 3 Multiplayer and to allow for more different gameplay experiences with our upcoming Steam release. Each and every gamemode entered in this competition will be available for download from our brand new packages-page and therefor be free of use for current JC3:MP server owners and those who are still planning on opening one. We are looking for the most innovative and most fun ideas realized with the power of our powerful scripting API. Apart from winning several great prices (in total worth couple of hundreds Euros) the top gamemodes will also be played and tested by our YouTuber partners by showing off your hard work to their thousands of subscribers. To enter your competition simply provide all the required documents here. You may submit your gamemodes till 11:59 31.03.2017. In order to participate you must accept this promotions special terms & conditions. We wish all of you a good amount of luck and hope to play some of your creations very soon! Prizes: 10x Just Cause Collection 5x Just Cause 3 t-shirts 5x Just Cause 3 caps 2x Nanos smartphone cases 2x Nanos coffee mugs 2x Nanos pullovers 1x Nanos t-shirt Pictures of the prizes will be shown on Social Media within the next few days.
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    Welcome to our very first development blog for quite some while! As some of you might have already noticed we are currently working on a bigger update, namely 0.9.9. With this update we will be adressing a lot of issues our players had so far and will set the course for our upcoming 1.0 release on Steam. So far we have improved debugging of crashes (making it easier to catch and investigate them), fixed a lot of menu related issues (e.g. being stuck on the download screen), fixed issues with Steam when reconnecting to a server (being endlessly kicked due to an "invalid app ticket") and many more smaller bugfixes. In addition to that, we are also introducing a set of new API features, for example being able to directly draw textures to a players display. We also added a worldToScreen function and implemented missing properties (e.g. "type" for checkpoints). Furthermore we are currently working on more features and bugfixes such as the ability to remove the player weapons, making it possible to properly remove a player from a vehicle/prevent him from entering a vehicle and allowing each player to control the CEF volume in their main menu. We are also aiming to release a fully recoded server with 0.9.9 supporting multithreading and fixing the lockups/crashes many server owners have been experiencing in the last versions. You can see our full milestone plan here: https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp/bugs/milestones/5 If development goes as planned we are expecting to launch 0.9.9 at the beginning of March.
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    Hello everyone! I haven't seen this asked yet but I figured it was something worth sharing. So, if you want to make players "auto sit in vehicles" that they spawn, here's how you do it. \packages\spawn-menu\main.js Open this file and go to line 8. It should look like this: const vehicle = new Vehicle(modelhash, player.aimPosition, player.rotation); Directly beneath this line, add the following line: vehicle.SetOccupant(0, player); So it should look like this: jcmp.events.AddRemoteCallable('spawnmenu/remote/spawnVehicle', (player, modelhash) => { if (jcmp.events.Call('spawnmenu/local/spawnVehicle', player, modelhash).filter(r => r === false).length > 0) { return; } const vehicle = new Vehicle(modelhash, player.aimPosition, player.rotation); vehicle.SetOccupant(0, player); jcmp.events.Call('spawnmenu/local/vehicleSpawned', player, vehicle); }); And that's it!
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    DAdmin Administration tools for your server You can check all the features of this first version from this video: Click here for see the video Find this package on github ATTENTION: THIS IS AN ALPHA VERSION AND CAN HAVE MANY BUGS PLEASE IF YOU FIND A BUG CREATE A ISSUE ON: https://github.com/Daranix/jcmp-admin-system/issues THIS PACKAGE DEPENDS OF Just Cause 3 Toast package
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    Many people have reported that they are crashing when connecting on a server using our latest build, 0.9.8. Thanks to some users we can verify that this crash can be fixed by changing your game resolution to 800x600. This is of course only a temporary fix - we are investigating the issue and hope to patch it out in the upcoming 0.9.9 release.
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    Yep, that was awesome work. Great to have such dedicated people here in the community!
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    I say the 1.0 release day is to be known as Nano Day - an internationally celebrated holiday where we all praise nano for the work they have done. also nano y my name this kappa
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    Hello @BlueFangServers Our first meeting must be scheduled, I'll contact you soon. Kind regards, Malte Scholz
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    I just downloaded JC3 for the first time. I love JC2 mp and couldn’t wait to play this one however when I tried to open it I get this error. I have tried a few fixes but nothing that I could do to get it to launch. Other people seem to have this issue as well. My guess is that the file is corrupted or something. I also had to disable my anti virus because it kept interfering with it and even then windows smart lock would let me open it so I had to disable that as well. my system windows 10 home amd fx 9590 gtx 780 16gm of ram 250gb ssd 1tb hd
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    No. Because this boards are english only.
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    hm take a picture of the network.log and scripting.log
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    Wrong subforum. Moved.
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    what kind of internet do you use? and whats your download speed ususally? (and whats your ping )
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    re install the mastlerlist package and unzip it then drop it in your packages folder, once you have done that change the name of example_config to config once you have done that generate a auth key at: https://just-cause.mp/servers/authkeys then copy the auth key with the correct info into the config folder in the masterlist file then save and then it should work if it still does not work try deleting package.json
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    No. There is no chance at all. It is technicall and legally impossible to port over the modification.
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    Please provide a better description of your errors.
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    Having made one noob mistake I made another. For anyone else struggling to get it to work, make sure you run yarn/npm install in the justcord-3 package directory. Now works a charm, thanks MD for a sweet packa... uh.. I just realised how that sounds?
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    Hello everyone, it's been a little while since our last beta update. We now have the fourth minor update to the client and server files ready for you. edit: If you receive the following error during server startup, create the mentioned missing directory. This issue will be fixed in Beta 0.9.9. terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::filesystem_error' what(): filesystem error: recursive directory iterator cannot open directory: No such file or directory [/home/username/jc3mp/client_packages] In this example you'd need to create the directory "/home/username/jc3mp/client_packages". A quick changelog Added first iteration of vehicle handling scripting functions Added wingsuit scripting functions Changed the menu key to always be the key above tab, regardless of keyboard layout Added additional debugging code for common launch problems Fixed the client not supporting password input Updated node.js to 7.1 We plan to update to 7.4 soon as well Fixed #219 (Setting player.position will reset rotation) Fixed #198 (World.sunPosition does not reset on disconnect) Fixed #162 (Game crash at launch since 0.9.5) Added a message box if Steam is not running Fixed a server crash related to players disconnecting during a network call Fixed server crashes related to player streaming Added support for arrays in event parameters and custom properties Fixed a crash occurring when single player statistics servers are offline Fixed checkpoint rendering Enable media-streams in cef for getUserMedia support Fix a bug that allowed all websites to be loaded instead of just the ones in the websites array in the client package json This probably requires changes on a few server packages to work properly We also have a few breaking changes The "VehicleDestroyed" event has been renamed to "VehicleExploded" A new "VehicleDestroyed" event has been added which is triggered upon vehicle deletion "VehicleExploded" is triggered when a vehicle explodes Changed the rotation order used for scripting functions to a more intuitive order If you previously used rotations in your script it would be wise to check them A detailed explanation of the change is available here NetworkPlayer.localPlayer has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version As a replacement compare the network id to the local player's network id: NetworkPlayer.networkId == jcmp.localPlayer.networkId Due to changes in some of the networking code we increased the internal network version, so this client and server are not backwards compatible Dowload the updated client & server directly from our homepage:https://just-cause.mp/FAQ:https://just-cause.mp/docs/general/information/FAQSupport:https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/forum/43-support/Scripting documentationhttps://just-cause.mp/docs/
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    When trying to open the client, as soon as the client tries to open behind the splash screen I get "Just Cause 3 Multiplayer has stopped working" or something to that effect. The Windows Log viewer says this is an issue with ucrtbase.dll with exception code 0xc0000409. Running as administrator has not helped, nor has compatibility mode. My client is definitely up to date and I have no previous installs anywhere. No crash logo or dump is being produced as far I as I can see.
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    Then you did not set your steam profile to public or logged back in and out again. btw: family sharing does not work.
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    Issue was fixed in the latest version (https://github.com/derbl4ck/jc3mp-servernews/commit/f81fd901db851db805f0174d36cc7f5dbcee1392). Thank you for your help!
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    I opened a ticket on github : https://github.com/md678685/justcord-3/issues/5
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    Are Tethers in the near future? Also Great work guys!
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    NPC spawning has not been implemented into the multiplayer.
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    Make sure you clicked the "Create a Bot User" button on the Discord Developers site after creating the app.
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    You won't be able to use it until the next update. However, it would look something like this: Wingsuit.boostDuration = 999999; EDIT: Since the new update is out, let me clear up the code. The above does not work. It now looks like this: jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostDuration = 10000000; jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostPower = 1000; That'll give you a slightly faster wingsuit along with infinite boost.
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    dont put it in the steam folder just let it install automaticly and dont change the location of installation
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    I made a thing the other day after I found a tool that dumped a big file list containing all of the Just Cause game assets (157640 to be precise) and their folder structure. So I parsed that file into a simple table in sql and wrote a little front-end for it. I do not yet have all of the item hashes but if anyone can tell me how to get those hashes, I will populate the remaining files with those values. Additionally, I didn't add any pagination and the default limit is 1000 (for now). I'll deal with pagination later. Pagination is now in. Link: http://xonos.net/toolbox You can combine and mix your search filters however you want. You can also download the SQL or CSV file with all the items if you so desire. Use it, don't use it - it's a very situational tool but it might be useful to someone. Anyways, here ya go.
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    Ey ! I made a little video with silly/funny moments in JC3 mp If you've seen some Ben Buja's videos, you should notice this video look a lot like his. Was fun to add those random SFX :D Hope you like it !
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    Hello guys, i'm gonna give you some usefull link to start to make you're package . IDE : https://atom.io/ https://code.visualstudio.com/ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/fr/ http://brackets.io/ http://www.sublimetext.com/ https://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/ (you need to pay it exept if you are in university) ...... Reference website : http://www.w3schools.com/ https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference https://nodejs.org/api/ https://just-cause.mp/docs https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp-packages ...... Learn js,html,css,node : http://www.w3schools.com/ https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web https://www.codecademy.com/ https://nodeschool.io/ https://openclassrooms.com (you can change it to english in the footer of the page) ...... If you have other that you would like i add on the list tell me .
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    A cleaned-up Spawn Menu to allow easier customization for servers. All vehicles have been ordered by popularity, then grouped by category, then ordered by size. Changes in the code also reflect how the vehicles are arranged, e.g. All Motorbikes are now blocked together, each group separated by comments. Similar changes have been made to weapons, ordered by category, then by damage, and changes to the code have been made to reflect this. Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/knkyduui1wqq9mp/Re-Ordered Spawn Menu.7z?dl=0
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    its at https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=48145
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    yeah re-install Visual C++
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    Problem isn't in Just Cause 3 client. The Mod client crashes, so directory isn't an issue here.
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    There's a very simple solution. Locate JustCause3.exe in your file explorer, and then copy it to your clipboard. Then go to your Just Cause 3 Multiplayer folder, open it, and then paste JustCause3.exe within it. If that doesn't work, I'm afraid I don't know what will.
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    are you sure that its changed a letter of the hard drive if so i have never heard about that happening before :/
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    ok read carefully now, right click on the jc3 mp.exe then click properties then go to compatibility and then click windows 7 but nothing lower than 7
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    get it out of your steam folder and place it in the desktop
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    where is the steam folder and jc3mp folder located? can i have a full location like, C://proagrams blah blah
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    what version of windows do you have?
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    make sure that steam is in online mode and make sure that you have the newest client
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    PS: You can add search filters that are inclusive and exclusive of CSV values. So, if you only want to include files that have extensions of "ee,bin,btc" but exclude from those which exist in specific folders (ie: "enemies,rebels,civilians"). You'll just select extention, then click "In CSV" as the operator and then enter in the comma delimited values. (Pipe & Tab delimited work as well) Click the red + button. You'll see your filter appear beneath the search filter bar. Repeat but select folder name, choose the "Not In CSV" operator and add the folder names you would like to exclude. Hit add and then click search. It should look like this. You can also remove a filter by clicking on it. I tried to give as many filtration options as I could in the short amount of time I put this together.
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    There's already a community made mod for that being developed, where actually people developing it, no need for another studio especially that is in the process of developing mod for other game. PS Skyrim is a bad game.
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    how to change the profile visibility on my account for confirm i own Just Cause 3