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    Hello everyone, once again we have another update ready on our road to a stable release. Changelog Reworked the server code We split large parts of the server code into smaller parts and run them in parallel (yay for multithreading) Decoupled the streamer from the main loop, the streamer now runs every 300ms Rewrote server side entity system to use an entity component system with a chunk allocator This fixes a lot of issues we had with use-after delete causing the server to crash This also improves performance when iterating over entities and gives us more flexibility internally We removed delta package generation from the sync and now batch updates and compress them This increases baseline network usage a tiny bit, but significantly improves performance Changed sync from being reliable ordered to unreliable sequenced, aka only the latest sync will be applied More in depth details coming in a blog post soon Updated node to 7.10 (yay for being up to date again) https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp/node Updated Chromium to our fork (required so we can ask the user before giving access to getUserMedia https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp/cef) Reworked large parts of weapon shoot handling, fixes most issues with shots not being synced properly Reworked crashdump handling procedure to collect more useful dumps and be less annoying to users If the client crashes you'll now get a crash dialog prompting you to upload the dump. Please do so, as it really helps us out in fixing issues Added HealthEffect scripting, allowing you to control health regeneration properties Added support for loading images from client packages to the renderer (#187 (Add support for images in Texture or Renderer)) Added a read only localplayer dimension property Added WorldToScreen function to renderer Added logLevel setting to server config Renderer now supports transform in 2d mode Enabled the CEF Sandbox for improved security This should also fix nanosCEF.exe processes staying alive after the client has exited (nanosCEF.exe is gone you will see multiple PlayJCMP.exe's running now) Changed our internal event handler to improve performance and fix issues when used in multiple threads, less (no more) deadlocks Changed plugin init handling to prevent old plugins from being loaded We will release additional information on a future c++ server sdk later Improved error handling when putting invalid data into entity constructors Some internal preparations to support GameObject synchronization Fixed some things not being reset to their defaults on disconnect Fixed issues where certain properties where not applied to the client correctly Fixed vehicles spawning 'stuck' in the air until they are touched by something Fixed server startup failures if no client_packages directory exists Fixed CEF popups not being rendered (for dropdowns) Fixed WebUIWindow missing size getter implementation Fixed various dimension and streaming issues Fixed a crash in our logger that could happen when writing a script error Fixed #284 (Frequent crashes caused by jc3 allocator) Fixed #272 (getUserMedia not working on CEF) Fixed #220 (Custom properties behave weird) Fixed #236 (restart_package does not work) Fixed #77 (UI bugged after server crash) Fixed #183 (PlayerVehicleEntered not called when reentering a vehicle you were removed from by the API) Fixed #59 (Starting without admin access results in a crash on some systems) Fixed #257 (Crash handler (Breakpad) catches exception codes that are supposed to be handled by windows internally) Fixed #260 (Wingsuit: boostCooldown. boostDuration and boostPower always returns default values) Fixed #140 ([FEATURE] Stop connecting / file transfer) Fixed #195 (PlayerWeapon does return wrong values) Fixed #196 (Invalid Steam App Ticket When Rejoining Server) Fixed #221 (Checkpoint has a 'type' field in its constructor but no matching property) Fixed #247 (Malformed package json output is missing path of package) Fixed #237 (Quick Local Connect does not always connect on first try) Fixed #246 (A couple World related additions/bugs) Fixed #245 (Menu does not close when you select sites to whitelist when connecting to server) Fixed #240 (Quick connect box clears itself after you edit settings) Fixed #244 (Local quick connect port in settings broke) Fixed #177 (Request: Add version property to JCMPNamespace) Fixed #239 (Server browser will not go away after connecting to server) Fixed #250 (Server Crash with 'new Vehicle()' without exception) Fixed #263 (All serverside package.json files can become corrupt with NULs upon first starting a windows server) Fixed #121 (Many synchronization issues between players) Fixed #223 (freeze player until file clientside main.js get startet) Fixed #205 (Missing Functions Player.removeWeapon / Player.removeAllWeapons()) Fixed #117 (When disconnecting from a Server, you still hear the Wind sounds etc in the main menu and they're not going away) Fixed a lot of various crashes Added a ScriptError event to get information about script errors. This allows you to build ingame debugging tools (See also: #106 (A client console would help debugging greatly)) If an error occurs while the ScriptError handler is being called, the event is not fired again to avoid infinite recursion. We also have a few breaking changes POIs and Checkpoints have been removed from the server scripting and added to client scripting. SetTime now requires a third argument (seconds) Linux server in this version requires to be invoked with LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to lib....so 'LD_LIBRARY_PATH=lib ./Server' Dowload the updated client & server directly from our homepage:https://just-cause.mp/FAQ:https://just-cause.mp/docs/general/information/FAQSupport:https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/forum/43-support/Scripting documentationhttps://just-cause.mp/docs/
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    Hello everyone! I haven't seen this asked yet but I figured it was something worth sharing. So, if you want to make players "auto sit in vehicles" that they spawn, here's how you do it. \packages\spawn-menu\main.js Open this file and go to line 8. It should look like this: const vehicle = new Vehicle(modelhash, player.aimPosition, player.rotation); Directly beneath this line, add the following line: vehicle.SetOccupant(0, player); So it should look like this: jcmp.events.AddRemoteCallable('spawnmenu/remote/spawnVehicle', (player, modelhash) => { if (jcmp.events.Call('spawnmenu/local/spawnVehicle', player, modelhash).filter(r => r === false).length > 0) { return; } const vehicle = new Vehicle(modelhash, player.aimPosition, player.rotation); vehicle.SetOccupant(0, player); jcmp.events.Call('spawnmenu/local/vehicleSpawned', player, vehicle); }); And that's it!
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    Are Tethers in the near future? Also Great work guys!
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    You won't be able to use it until the next update. However, it would look something like this: Wingsuit.boostDuration = 999999; EDIT: Since the new update is out, let me clear up the code. The above does not work. It now looks like this: jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostDuration = 10000000; jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostPower = 1000; That'll give you a slightly faster wingsuit along with infinite boost.
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    https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53587 Try installing that.
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    Really looking forward to the next contest. I've started capturing and creating gifs that meet categories like stunt, extreme stunt, funny and epic/random. This competition has really been fun
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    I recently made a quick video on this here. The airship cannot be enabled yet. Also, to address this: Yes, you can enable mechs on a server. They are not fully synced yet and it is recommended that you do not use them.
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    Realy ?? You want to create a own server, but you cant´t do the easyest things ?? I hope you stay localy with your server and you dont run a rootserver. 1. Take this: https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp-packages/bare-minimum 2. Unpack the zip to your packages directory of server 3. Check Directory order: //SomePathToJcmp/packages/bare-minimum 4. Rename the bare-minimum directory to something like wingsuit-boost-config 5. open //SomePathToJcmp/packages/bare-minimum/package.json in your favorite text/code editor. recommend Visual Studio Code / Notepad++ 6. go to the second line and change "bare-minimum" to "wingsuit-boost-config" 7. Do the same in file //SomePathToJcmp/packages/bare-minimum/client_package/package.json 8. Open open //SomePathToJcmp/packages/bare-minimum/client_package/main.js 9. put the following code in this file, save all you have done and start your server. jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostEnabled = true; // Enable or disable the Wingsuit boost (default: true) jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostDuration = 99999; // The duration of the Wingsuit (default: 7) jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostPower = 99999; // The Power of the Wingsuit (default: 7) jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostCooldown = 7; // The Boost Cooldown time as lower as faster it is cooled down