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    Just cause 3 toast package Get it on github Toast's for Just Cause 3, using jQuery toast plugin For make your customs Toast and see about the plugin check Demo How to use: From CEF: jcmp.CallEvent('cef_toast_show', JSON.stringify({ heading: 'Warning', text: 'It is going to be supper easy for you to use ;)', showHideTransition: 'plain', icon: 'warning' })); From client side: jcmp.events.Call('client_toast_show', { heading: 'Warning', text: 'It is going to be supper easy for you to use ;)', showHideTransition: 'plain', icon: 'warning' }); From server side: jcmp.events.Call('toast_show', player, { heading: 'Information', text: "Hi i'm a info toast!", icon: 'info', loader: true, loaderBg: '#9EC600', position: 'top-right', hideAfter: 10000 });
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    Welcome to our very first development blog for quite some while! As some of you might have already noticed we are currently working on a bigger update, namely 0.9.9. With this update we will be adressing a lot of issues our players had so far and will set the course for our upcoming 1.0 release on Steam. So far we have improved debugging of crashes (making it easier to catch and investigate them), fixed a lot of menu related issues (e.g. being stuck on the download screen), fixed issues with Steam when reconnecting to a server (being endlessly kicked due to an "invalid app ticket") and many more smaller bugfixes. In addition to that, we are also introducing a set of new API features, for example being able to directly draw textures to a players display. We also added a worldToScreen function and implemented missing properties (e.g. "type" for checkpoints). Furthermore we are currently working on more features and bugfixes such as the ability to remove the player weapons, making it possible to properly remove a player from a vehicle/prevent him from entering a vehicle and allowing each player to control the CEF volume in their main menu. We are also aiming to release a fully recoded server with 0.9.9 supporting multithreading and fixing the lockups/crashes many server owners have been experiencing in the last versions. You can see our full milestone plan here: https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp/bugs/milestones/5 If development goes as planned we are expecting to launch 0.9.9 at the beginning of March.
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    You cannot currently enable gear mods. This might be possible in the future. Destroyed objects are not synced to the server and the server has no knowledge of them. You cannot save destroyed areas and objects currently, and if it does become a feature, it will probably not be available for a long time. You cannot adjust these currently, but it will probably be possible in the future.
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    DAdmin Administration tools for your server You can check all the features of this first version from this video: Click here for see the video Find this package on github ATTENTION: THIS IS AN ALPHA VERSION AND CAN HAVE MANY BUGS PLEASE IF YOU FIND A BUG CREATE A ISSUE ON: https://github.com/Daranix/jcmp-admin-system/issues THIS PACKAGE DEPENDS OF Just Cause 3 Toast package
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    I'm a JC2MP veteran. And in the three years I've been playing JC2MP, I can say you are dead wrong, son. JC2MP used to be bouncing every single day. Hundreds of players in each of the dedicated and fully fleshed servers. People are just waiting for the Steam release. People like you have absolutely zero patience and knowledge of how these things work.
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    function foo() {} const bar = 5; jcmp.events.Add('PlayerCreated', player => { player.foo = foo; player.bar = bar; player.foo(); console.log(player.bar); }); This is an example of how you can give the serverside Player class custom properties. You can make the properties any type; primitives, arrays, objects, functions, etc.
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    global.freeroam = somewhat Is a declaration of the global variable freeroam This gets declared in the freeroam package. If you redeclare ot in your package, than its possible that you overwrite the original declaration with yours. The result is a broken package. Btw. In jc3mp this should not happen because there are splitted namespaces where the packages run but with an litte error in v8 or somewhere this can happen and if this happend you are searching a long time until u will find a issue like this.
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    Hello everyone, once again we have another update ready on our road to a stable release. Changelog Reworked the server code Reworked crashdump handling procedure to collect more useful dumps and be less annoying to users If the client crashes you'll now get a crash dialog prompting you to upload the dump. Please do so, as it really helps us out in fixing issues. Enabled the CEF Sandbox for improved security This should also fix nanosCEF.exe processes staying alive after the client has exited (nanosCEF.exe is gone you will see PlayJCMP.exe now) Fixed server startup failures if no client_packages directory exists Fixed #284 (Frequent crashes caused by jc3 allocator) Fixed #272 (getUserMedia not working on CEF) Fixed #220 (Custom properties behave weird) Fixed #236 (restart_package does not work) Fixed #77 (UI bugged after server crash) Fixed #183 (PlayerVehicleEntered not called when reentering a vehicle you were removed from by the API) Fixed #59 (Starting without admin access results in a crash on some systems) Fixed #257 (Crash handler (Breakpad) catches exception codes that are supposed to be handled by windows internally) Fixed #260 (Wingsuit: boostCooldown. boostDuration and boostPower always returns default values) Fixed #140 ([FEATURE] Stop connecting / file transfer) Fixed #195 (PlayerWeapon does return wrong values) Fixed #196 (Invalid Steam App Ticket When Rejoining Server) Fixed #221 (Checkpoint has a 'type' field in its constructor but no matching property) Fixed #247 (Malformed package json output is missing path of package) Fixed #237 (Quick Local Connect does not always connect on first try) Fixed #187 (Add support for images in Texture or Renderer) Fixed #246 (A couple World related additions/bugs) Fixed #245 (Menu does not close when you select sites to whitelist when connecting to server) Fixed #240 (Quick connect box clears itself after you edit settings) Fixed #244 (Local quick connect port in settings broke) Fixed #177 (Request: Add version property to JCMPNamespace) Fixed #239 (Server browser will not go away after connecting to server) We also have a few breaking changes POIs and Checkpoints have been removed from the server scripting. Dowload the updated client & server directly from our homepage:https://just-cause.mp/FAQ:https://just-cause.mp/docs/general/information/FAQSupport:https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/forum/43-support/Scripting documentationhttps://just-cause.mp/docs/
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    Actually it was "alive" for much more than those beta 3-day testing events, sure there was less people after that but there was still a few hundred online at any time for a long time. It always starts like this, many servers and people all spread out but you will see it change in time.
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    Some servers are specifically friendly and this type of trolling is forbidden. *cough*
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    You can see if a class is capable of having custom properties in the docs. https://just-cause.mp/docs/client/classes/Vector3f
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    You need to redownload it. This will change once we have released our first non-beta release on Steam.
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    Its the little double Arrow( <-> ) in the upper right corner. left side of the control buttons to minimize maximize and close
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    Tarry's Friendly Freeroam is a freeroam server with a difference. We actively discourage griefing, random death match, grief matches, any unsolicited attacks on other players, hate speech and generally any kind of nastiness. Warm hugs all round. PvP is allowed, but only with players who want to... and try to do it with some finesse, enjoy the challenge of having to actually aim at your target. Find us in the masterlist or at Special features: Multi-vehicle spawn: each player can have up to 4 vehicles at a time, whether you want to experience the wonderful desync of carrying things in the cargo plane or drive your monster truck over some bangers the choice is yours. No rocket launchers??: Yes, that's right, no rocket launchers. Rocket launchers are great until someone keeps blowing up your vehicle for for no reason and you have no chance to get away. If you really want to explode things (of course you do) we have C4! Also no DK pistol (big head gun) because that's just annoying. Faster wingsuit boost: Be careful, there's nothing more shameful than flying head first into a wall while trying to show off. It's infinite too. Secret fast vehicles: Parked up throughout Medici, find them, try not to wreck them on the first bend, have fun (see gif below). Justcord: Discord/game integration, chat with players through discord, chat with discord through the game ( https://discord.gg/hqkvrTC ) 800x600 support for the poor souls suffering with that crash-on-join bug. Custom teleports: In addition to the standard teleports we now have... gran (Granmatre Frigo's house, for that home cooked pasta or whatever they eat in Medici) mechisland (the island from the Mech DLC, only visible if you have the DLC) stingray (the Stingray from Sea Heist DLC, only visible if you have the DLC) top (highest point in JC3) nair (airfield in the north east corner of Medici) rebelhq (rebel headquarters with the sunken ship and airstrip in a cave) abandonair (medium sized abandoned airfield in the south west of Medici) soumil (large military base to the south, multiple levels, large airfield, port, etc.) sisle (sunny little island in the far south, might have some caves or something ) ldt (steep downhill dirt track with big jumps) soupor (military port in southern Medici) In game press 'n' to toggle the server rulers/news/features window. Other minor things: Pressing ctrl closes spawn menus because I always find I go for ctrl to try to close it anyway - for me this is probably actually the most exciting feature.. Admins have special ways to deal with griefers, please tell us if anyone is annoying you and we will intervene! You will be put in vehicles as you spawn them,try spawning a plane while looking into the sky, can you get it going before you crash? Try with nitrous! We have the prettiest banner...
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    Utility package to capture key presses and call events off them. Define keys and corresponding events in config.json Add these events in your package and watch them get called. Saves us all re-writing the same code over and over and having elebinty UIs to capture key presses for different packages :) Events are called on client and server. By default it contains an event to toggle servernews visibility (if/when derbl4ck merges my fork ^^). https://github.com/TarryPaloma/keycatcher Just google for js key codes ok?
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    To run a server you need near nothing. Pur testserver in a virtual server with 1 core and 512 MB RAM At 10 players on this server the core usement was at 30%. what server u choose is depending on what gamemode you want to run on it ant how many slots you want to share. If you want to make a freeroam server for you and your friends than the data i told you upper is enogth.
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    Ive sent you a pull request. Because you had a little error in your code.
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    Will skins come out with the full jc3mp, or will we have to wait longer for that? Oh yeah, and will gear mods ever be able for customization
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    The mod is not yet out on Steam and there are still a lot of launch issues. Also most servers are freeroam at the moment, which will change as many people are working on their own original gamemodes.
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    This is still in beta. Releasing the game on Steam will definitely pull more people in, many still do not know that there's a MP out. You obviously haven't played much because there's some RP or groups playing always happening.
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    i would be nice when we can mark servers as favorits