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    Hey everybody, as I promised myself, I will release the voicechat in 2016. Even though the mod is not released and a lot of this package is untested, the code will probably just need some tweaking upon release. As the title might already tell you, it's a voicechat. But not a global one. A regional/local one with 3D-sound (does work, but the calculation regarding distance etc. needs to be tweaked regarding the JC3 distances. I only used hardcoded values for development). Furthermore, different things like the send key, the gain and whether the voicechat will be enabled at all, will be configurable for the client. I did test the quality a little. Maybe I will need to adjust a few values, but its overall quality was fine enough (IMO better than ArmA 3). In order to run the package, simply read the README.md from the repo. I added a small instruction to get the package up and running. For those of you, who'd love to contribute: There are a few issues with things I definitely want to get sorted out until the 1.0 release. If you decide to use the voicechat, I would be happy to see some credits or send me a message if you got a successful running server with my voicechat. I'd love to see it in action. And thanks to every contributor so far, and especially to derbl4ck, who helped me a lot. He creates lovely packages as well, so check him out as well. Regards, Cludch. P.S. If you have wishes for other packages, feel free to tell me, I might be interested to help.
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    A cleaned-up Spawn Menu to allow easier customization for servers. All vehicles have been ordered by popularity, then grouped by category, then ordered by size. Changes in the code also reflect how the vehicles are arranged, e.g. All Motorbikes are now blocked together, each group separated by comments. Similar changes have been made to weapons, ordered by category, then by damage, and changes to the code have been made to reflect this. Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/knkyduui1wqq9mp/Re-Ordered Spawn Menu.7z?dl=0
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    You can use the ScriptError event to catch errors and display them in your own UI. Or you can use derbl4ck's developer view package, which does essentially this.
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    I have created a tool to help people install JC3MP servers on Windows its self explanatory. 1.0.1 Added Image section for the config Added Status to say if your server is Stopped or Running Added Autorestart server on crash Removed DLC Check boxes Added DLC ID list and ID text box (Will go back to the check boxes when i figure the best way to implement them) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5PXUlghkfeQMWh5U0pDbnhwTUE/view?usp=sharing
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    that link did not work,this one worked great https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx%3Fid%3D53840
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    Line 17 of spawn-menu/main.js player.GiveWeapon(modelhash, 998, true); Change the second argument (998) to whatever number you want the total amount of ammo to be.
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    Logs can be found here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Just Cause 3 Multiplayer\logs
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    Thank You But now The Download is saying something about C++ not installing
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    No, but future games as I said.
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    The Ram: Sure you should buy your ram, because it's better for overclocking. https://geizhals.de/corsair-vengeance-lpx-schwarz-dimm-kit-16gb-cmk16gx4m2b3000c15-a1305608.html?hloc=at&hloc=de Wifi: You have to buy a wifi modul. Mainboard: https://geizhals.de/msi-b350m-gaming-pro-7a39-002r-a1582974.html OC: I would advice you to buy this CPU cooler: https://geizhals.de/be-quiet-pure-rock-bk009-a1184606.html?hloc=de And GPU overclocking is no problem.
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    Frist of all the Ryzen 5 1600 have 6 Cores and 12 threads (the i5 only 4 cores and 4 threads). Current new Games like BF1, Prey, Ghost Recon Wildlands etc take advantage of more cores. As you said TODAY the differents in gaming is not that much but in future games the ryzen beat the i5 easy. Also some games got Ryzen optimizations like Rise of the Tomb Raider. Mainboard advice: https://geizhals.de/msi-b350-pc-mate-7a36-003r-a1589802.html?hloc=at&hloc=de Ram advice: https://geizhals.de/crucial-ballistix-sport-lt-grau-dimm-kit-16gb-bls2c8g4d240fsb-a1238860.html?hloc=at&hloc=de
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    Forget the i5, get the Ryzen 5 1600
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    Why not get an ssd?
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    The game launches quickly but on the loading screen with the title on it, the yellow loading bar gets stuck at 15.00%. Is there a fix for this that I'm missing? The game does NOT crash, just fails to load past 15%.