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    Heyho folks, your administrative issues are back again with yet another Just Cause 3 Multiplayer 1.1 development blog! Main Topic: news on tethers One of the most requested things on Discord is of course the ability to use dual tethers. Well guess what? We made a big leap towards actually getting dual tethers in the game, we haven't finished the network code but that will be done within the next 1-2 days. What is working is that we can create a tether between two points using nothing more than a piece of code, looking forward to see what use you're going to come up with for this. Changes, new features and fixes We dramatically increased performance when the main menu is open (On Alex' test machine (i7 5960x, 64GB RAM, GTX 1080 FE) we see improvements of up to 70%. Low/Medium graphics settings FPS increased from ~130 to ~210. Highest settings fps increased from ~80 to ~120) We continue to work on performance improvements for our cef implementation, which should fix bad performance that was reported in 1.0 by some people who observed high cpu usage and low gpu usage, stay tuned. We worked on the disaster. We changed our mouse implementation to use the normal single player mouse, yay for being able to move the mouse out of the window when the main menu or other menus are open. The development blog for next week gonna be delayed to monday, as we are going to visit our friends over at Square Enix in London. If you're interested in what's going on there make sure to follow us on instagram, I'm going to make an instagram story about our meetup with the Just Cause team: https://instagram.com/nanosframework That was the development blog for this week, stay tuned for the next update on our 1.1 progress!