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  6. Kellyleona

    Wireless Site Survey

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  7. saikumar

    Wireless Site Survey

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  10. biffsssthedevil

    How to get a masterlist Auth key?

    I have the same exact issue. Any fix? My friend can't join me on the same internet connection.
  11. I've look EVERYWHERE online. No one else seems to have my issue. I can connect to my Just Cause 3 server, but my friends can't. We are all on the same network too. I've attached the error I get to this post. It says "could not announce server to masterlist: econnrefused....". I've port forwarded, allowed it to bypass windows firewall, everything. Help is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Devilscave

    Just Cause 3 Multiplayer 1.1: current state and why we're taking so long

    And are you still on it or now it's over?
  13. Lord Farquaad

    Survival Island Script Pack

    Hey everyone! We've decided to discontinue development for our Survival Island server. However, we're releasing all of the scripts so that you can use them for your own server and learn from them. Download below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Have fun! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE LARGEST SOURCE RELEASE IN JC3MP
  14. tethers plz

    JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #13

    Any ETA on the 1.1 update now?
  15. Spag33ti

    JC3MP dead?

    It's Dead like dat 1.1
  16. Eddy


  17. Hey, first of all: try deleting your cache by deleting everything in %LocalAppdata%/Just Cause 3 Multiplayer. Then start yet again the mod as administrator. If that doesn't help reinstall the mod. If that doesn't help again, I'm going to forward that case directly to Alex aka. meow, the main dev of nanos. Greets
  18. Just as the title says, when I connect to a server the game either downloads a few files, then jumps to the main menu; or when joining just stalls, then returns to the main menu again. I've attached a gif to make it easier to actually see what I'm talking about, and if you were to check it you'd see I've also attempted to join multiple servers, both vanilla and without dlc. I own the full copy on steam, mod is installed fine. I've tried running it as admin \ in compatibility mode, and I've disabled both my antivirus and firewall on both my router and machine, so those don't seem to be the issue. If there are any logs that are relevant I could upload those as well. Thanks in advance for any help provided, I do appreciate any feedback. gif: https://my.mixtape.moe/mpmxzw.gif (link because the gif is 50mb lol)
  19. Dennis S.


    You're my fav project member from now on
  20. Lord Farquaad


    dennis sux and this topic is 2 years old done
  21. Lord Farquaad

    I get the city, but no overlay.

    Run JC3MP in compatiblity mode for windows 7.
  22. ODaniells

    I get the city, but no overlay.

    Hiya, i'm unable to start it as an administrator due to permissions. Any other ideas?
  23. Dennis S.

    I get the city, but no overlay.

    Try starting the mod as an administrator and check, if your firewall is blocking anything.
  24. Hello, all. After installing the JC3MP Mod, every time i boot into it i get the loading screen before a city pops up. I believe this to be the menu, but the buttons do not appear. This obviously inhibits me from playing the game. Thanks Oliver
  25. Dennis S.


    BUMP! We need shittalk!
  26. We thought about patreon or allowing donations, but we decided not to do any of those options due PR reasons
  27. Lord Farquaad

    Infinite Load into Server

    Try using the public beta branch. Other than that, you'll have to wait for the 1.1 update which should hopefully fix your issue. Maybe try compatibility mode for windows 7 again, because that has worked in every other case.
  28. Lord Farquaad

    No menu in startup

    You asked on Discord as well and I responded, but you didn't respond to me. I'll paste my response here. Do you mean that you just see a blurry city with no menus when you start up JC3MP? If so, run JC3MP in compatibility mode for windows 7.
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