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  1. Yesterday
  2. As far as I am aware, you cannot use globals like these on client or CEF. However, on the client (and actually server too) you can use jcmp.blah = blah; because jcmp is global and shared between all clientside (or server, if you do it serverside) packages. So this means that if you assign a variable like that in one package, you can access it in another. For CEF, you'll just have to use the events system to transfer the data you need around.
  3. Is global variable avaliable on client-side?
  4. Thank you! This will be very useful!
  5. You can use the ScriptError event to catch errors and display them in your own UI. Or you can use derbl4ck's developer view package, which does essentially this.
  6. Hello! Is there any client-side console, how can I access it, for debug purposes... Thanks!
  7. Same for me, my progress bar is stop has 75% (view file)
  8. Dear developers, please tell me what I have to do to bring the game to live... I installed it over steam several times. But I always get the message connection attempt failed... Please help!
  9. Am I really the only one person on this planet with having this problem?! I delete the game 3 or 4 times and installed it again over steam... It doesn't work! Come on guys, I want to play. Please give me an advice...
  10. I have created a tool to help people install JC3MP servers on Windows its self explanatory. 1.0.1 Added Image section for the config Added Status to say if your server is Stopped or Running Added Autorestart server on crash Removed DLC Check boxes Added DLC ID list and ID text box (Will go back to the check boxes when i figure the best way to implement them) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5PXUlghkfeQMWh5U0pDbnhwTUE/view?usp=sharing
  11. Last week
  12. FIXED, made sure the JC3 exe was run as admin.
  13. Bump, does anyone know anything thing about this? My steam IS running and I have JC3 on my account and i'v played it
  14. Seemed like a nice resource to have. I used many times everyday while at work. Helped people find us and stay informed. And there is currently no alternative. Good MPs INCREASE the options available to their users not DECREASE. Anytime Nanos removes functions they remove potential users.
  15. It's gone, because steam handles the server list now. You can go to Steam -> View -> Servers and then filter by game (JC3MP). There, you'll see all the servers in JC3MP. If you want a website that does that, there are probably some out there.
  16. I use this multiple times a day: https://just-cause.mp/servers/masterlist where has it gone too?
  17. I made a videotutorial on how to install it
  18. Hype! Amazing work guys! You've all been working so hard, and I'm glad to see that everyone can finally enjoy what you've made. I can't wait to see what the future holds!
  19. You can use steamcmd on linux to install the server. Use app id 619960 and install it like you would anything else with steamcmd.
  20. Tethering will come in a future update.
  21. Hi, yes. Using the latest steam version.
  22. just 1 more question, when does a package come with multible grablinghooks?
  23. Hi, I have tried for a while now, to install the server on a linuxhost that I have, but i cannot find any appid or tar.gz to actually use now that the Mod went over to steam. Is it something i'm missing, because the old downloadsite does not contain anything, and the linux-tutorial says to download the tar.gz Thanks in advance
  24. Authkeys are no longer necessary with the Steam release. The ports which you need to forward are: 4200 (Game Communication) 4201 (Steam Masterlist) 4202 (Steam Other) 4203 (Filetransfer) Unless you change them in the config of cause.
  25. Every time i want to join a server, its downloading but after 50-80% my game is crashing all the tiime. I tried diffrent servers.
  26. I have a problem with my Windows server. I cannot get an authkey + it does not go online. i have added the port 4200 (udp and tcp). I have dowloaded the server in steam (tools). also no one can join, even if the ports are free. would be nice, if someone could help me :D.
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