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  2. I, too had a problem installing. I would get a message about, "Cannot install Visuall ++ 2015, please check system requirements" I just built this machine (i5 6600, 16mb DDR4, GeForce GTX 1050, Windows 10, constantly updated)- it benchmarks in the 80th percentile, according to Passmark. How the hell does that not meet system requirements??? stupid installer... I installed V++2015 from the link above, it installed without a hitch. Then I was able to complete the install of the JC3MP!!! haven't tried to run it yet, hopefully I won't have to look for that thread too. thanks lp
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  5. Seems like you need to fully reinstall the game then, if even the SP does not start.
  6. Set your profile to public. Then you can download it.
  7. Yes, sharing the exe would work, although redistributing the installer is a violation of our EULA. However simply using our Mod directly with a pirated Just Cause 3 will not work.
  8. Hello, So just to clarify, yes i have legit jc 3 But what i see is that the steam login on the website only prevents pirates from downloading the jc3mp But cant anyone just straight away upload the exe to a cloud and give out the links? again, i am totaly ignorant here but curious
  9. No it does not. As i said the game starts and i get a black screen (like how you get right b4 the logo/splash screen pops up) and then right back to desktop. It's very weird.
  10. Set your profile to public.
  11. Does the SP start?
  12. So i recently found out JC3 MP was a thing however after installing the mod it crashes on launch. while it launches i looked at steam and it looks like my JC3 itself is starting up and then after it goes black (black screen b4 a game logo) it then crashes back to desktop. already tried deleting the cache AND running as admin. no success.
  13. Website isn't working properly. It doesn't see Just Cause 3 on my Steam profile and therefore will not let me download. EDIT - After like 100 refreshes it randomly worked. Oh well.
  14. That doesnt work..
  15. Hi, when I click on the client download i'm sent to a website that says 403: Access Denied I also took a screenshot for further inspection below. Help!
  16. oh ok thanks
  17. THX that now it worked :*
  18. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53587 Try installing that.
  19. Install that manually: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53587
  20. You can simply ignore it, it's internal debugging which will be removed eventually with the next update.
  21. Earlier
  22. i have the same problem, and ive also tried runing administrator from windows
  23. Should be fixed with 0.9.9
  24. If I start the JC3:MP installer this message comes up. I dont know what to do... i restarted my pc, deinstalled visual c++, installed it again and tried it without having it installed.
  25. Hello, Whenever i turn on the jc3mp client I get this error and then the client opens sucessfully i can play on the servers etc etc But , its pretty annoying that this error always shows up when i open the client
  26. Looks like you guys fixed a lot of issues. Can't wait for the bigger API additions.
  27. Not currently.
  28. Is there a way to change the cross-hairs to red as well as this enabling homing weapons. Much Thx Ginger
  29. Thanks for the great work!
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