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  3. WorldMap - Teleport around the map!

    I like the mod! There is one feature I could useful though a 50 meter above terrain rather than the 4200. However I can understand why that would be difficult if there is no way to look at what the terrain height is under an x,y location.
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  5. No loading when connecting

    did it work for you? i tried it and it's not working :(
  6. JC3MP dead?

    as far as i know the Team is working further on the Mod. I dont know when the next update will drop, just stay tuned ;). You can also ask in the Discord, there you get more and faster help :)
  7. JC3MP dead?

    hadn't played the game in some time my friend gets the game and we decide to go on multiplayer unfortunately I couldn't get any menus to appear although I realized the last update was last year in December and wonder is this mod officially dead? is it still being worked on? the non colorable vehicles which wont be an easy thing to do since it wasn't put into the base game kinda made me upset about the mod/game also I wish I could fly a friend in a car that's inside a cargo plane and drop him out at times but it just exploded inside my plane. those two things drew me away as it got boring after a time it'd be nice to know if the mod is still alive any news about what happened or is happening would be nice
  8. RT @williamlegate: Remember when right-wing media spent 8 years attacking Obama's drone strikes? https://t.co/nHMQzy8q1u

  9. Gamemode Ideas

    No Friendly Fire squad gameplay. So co-operative team play can be possible. MechWarrior:Mercenaries style, your Squad blows up or captures a Checkpoint Objective on the Map. The game picks a random military base or police station on the map. 5-10 players join the squad. The game randomly assigns each player a number from one to ten. Your number is your rank. Lucky Number one is the Commander. Only the commander can give communication. If you die the guy behind you steps up. A Single squad or multi-squad Battles or you can have 'Who gets there first' Army battles.
  10. nanos world weekend #1

    that beef seems nice! great work xD!
  11. WorldMap - Teleport around the map!

    Nice ;)
  12. WorldMap - Teleport around the map!

    Today's package is a simple map of Medici. You can left click to teleport anywhere on the map and right click to set waypoints. You can also see all other players in the server on the map. By default, press O to open/close the map. This map is a modified version of the one that was featured in my Smugglers Run alpha test a few weeks ago. Download & Installation instructions here!
  13. nanos world weekend #1

    Awesome work so far! And it's really amazing to see how close the team is, keep up the amazing work!
  14. nanos world weekend #1

    Heyho, your administrative issues are yet back again with another nanos world blog entry! nanos world - work weekend As many of you have already noticed via our social media channels, a big part of our team has met between the 2nd and 4th of March at the home of Dennis. There we worked on nanos World in a personal atmosphere and discussed the most important points of the project. Besides having fun, which is very important for such a meeting, we had a very productive workflow. This is why we will do another one in the future. For us it is very important that our project is transparent to you and that the community is involved in most of the steps. This is why we want to present you this weekends output. nanos world default map “Armstrong” On one hand, nanos World is characterized by the nearly endless possibility to change the game and to have a flexible base for your own experiences. On the other hand nanos World should be accessible not only to experienced coders, but also to amateurs trying to create their first experience. This is why our default map “Armstrong” exists. This is why it is very important to us to make the default map editable and expandable. It should be possible to use it for many different types of gamemodes. First we discussed which gamemodes can be expected to be played by the biggest ammount of people. We plan on shipping free community-gamemodes in the beginning, which means you can build upon those right from the start. This includes gamemodes like survival, roleplay, deathmatch, battle royal, races and stunting. Following these first design decisions we talked about the vegetation of Armstong. Here we wanted to follow a “carribean” design, which we have already planned previously. We also looked to Sri Lanka nad Hawaii for inspiration: With photos and Google World we made our mind on what we really wanted to achieve when it comes to the overall design of the island. Afterwards we used real data of islands, which exist on our planet, to create our very first draft of our default Map. The result was this hand-drawn mockup: blue: Urban green: Natural (forest and floor space) brown: Hills / Cliffs / Mountain Regions yellow: Shores and Sand At the moment we are working on a detailed mock up of the map, which will be used as base for our mappers. The map is planned to be 4km x 8km (13.123,4 feet x 26.264,7 feet) and, as said before, shall be expandable by the community. At the moment we are planning on a main island with small villages and a capital located in a bay. The capital should contain a small airport and harbour. Each villages and cities will be connected via streets, which can vary in size. When planning those we are focusing on also making them usable for races. The forest (green on the map) links two mountainous areas on the map and therefore is used as a valley. Besides modern elements we want to also include historic sites such as ruins, which would be the perfect base for survival or DayZ alike projects. The smaller northern islands are planned to be smaller and should only include small villages, hills and nature. The city in the more southern island will include a small easteregg. Once we are able to show you some first ingame impressions of our planned landscape we will publish them directly via Twitter, Instagram and our blog. The "Capital” The capital shall be many used for roleplaying (e.g. RP, Cops & Robbers, Reallife) and will therefor be designed with that in mind. We will use our years of experience in various multiplayer projects to design it so it can be perfectly used that way. For us it is important to include service buildings such as hospitals, fire stations, police stations and a town hall. We also plan on including other important sites such as theatres, cinemas or a stadium. Besides that important infrastructure and a road layout, which can also be used for inner-city racing, we are planning on creating different districts with their own charme, such as an older-styled inner city, a banking district, a ghetto, a noble district, an art district and various types of industries. Of Course we are also transparent about the cities development and will give you first peeks on it during its creation via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Co. Other examples for gamemode inspireddesign When looking at the city we have not only focues on rolepla, race and survival. When it comes to deathmatch we are working on making the terrain useable for proper playing rounds. Here we will mainly focus on details such as smaller alleys and backyards, which lead to complicated and interlaced areas. This should make a base for counter-strike based game modes or stuff like battle royale. Wide open areas such as plazas could be used as places for loot. As said before: Technically it will be possible to place additional objects on the default map to give it your very own touch. This makes it possible for each server owner and community-developer to create individual experiences. Implementation At the moment we are working on the landscape design itself. Once that is done and we have technically implemented it we will start working on the layout of flora, fauna and streets. Afterwards we will realise the needed building models via a boxing-out modell and implement them into the environment. More about the meeting Besides working hard on nanos World we also did a lot of teambuilding and also had quite a fun time. We went eating, partying and watched movies. Pictures say more than word’s so here we go: We hope that we could give you a small insight into our project and that you enjoyed it. See you next time!
  15. RT @cameron_kasky: Since the shooting at my school, approx 3000 Americans have died of gun violence. That’s almost the population of our…

  16. Menu not opening

    Run JC3MP in compatibility mode for windows 7.
  17. Menu not opening

    So yesterday i was playing normally jc3 MP and today when i opened it it only showed a city and i heard di ravello speak and nothing happened... i tried re-installing and administrator stuff and still not working.. please help
  18. Hello, I have problem with the controls for move for example I change my key for forward to "w" but in game the key to go forward It's always "a" I tried to reinstalled the mod but there is always the same problem. But if I change the keys for "Fire Grapplin hook" the new key work The problem appeard for all the move (in car, motorcycle,wwingsuit, ...) (Sorry for my english but I'm french) Thank in advance for your awser.
  19. Hi everyone, First, please excuse me for my English, it isn't my native language^^ I recently created my own server thanks to your documentations. No problem, I can connect to my server and my brothers too (through my IP address). However, one of my friend can't connect to my server through my personnal IP when he is at his home on his personnal network whereas every works fine when he uses another network (3G mobile network or when he is not a home) on the same PC. He also can connect on public servers without any issue. I think it's a router issue but I don't know if it's an issue of my router or his router. My port is well configured (other people can connect through my IP). Does my friend need to open the same port ? Thank you for your future help.
  20. Chat Bubbles

    Chat bubbles that appear above players' heads! Download & installation instructions here Note: This requires Chat2.
  21. HELP!!!

    Thank you!!
  22. HELP!!!

    For creating a server you just need steam , go on library > tool and you will see Just Cause 3 Multiplayer - Dedicated Server . Download it and you will have the server on you're computer . then just open the port add some package on it and that it ;)
  23. HELP!!!

    I need to create server
  24. HELP!!!

    No need for that. If you want to download this mod, go to steam store. http://store.steampowered.com/app/619910/Just_Cause_3_Multiplayer_Mod/
  25. HELP!!!

    I can't login in https://just-cause.mp with my steam account!! I want to create server!
  26. RT @jwscattergood: Sudden drop in temperature caused invertebrate die off at our local beach. https://t.co/YCmNXbid7n

  27. change vehicle color

    oyununda komuta sistemi nasıl açılır
  28. just cause 3 multiplayer

    How to switch car color in just cause 3 multiplayer mod?
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