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Armstrong, Gameplay and Myami

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Malte S.


What’s poppin’, your favorite administrative issues are back yet again with another nanos world blog! 🔥

Contrary to the announcement in our last blog, this spontaneous blog is about the current status of our prototype “Armstrong”, because we made a huge progress in our development. We also would like to introduce another team member: Quentin @myami Freire.

Armstrong - current progress

We are still heavily working on our landscape. At the moment we are focused on finding the best technique and textures for our landscape.

We worked on procedural landscape materials as well as on composing our materials. As you might know Unreal Engine is quite complex when it comes to landscape materials. We want to find a way which enables us to blend materials in the best looking way. As a first step we have already worked on our World Creator model to get a first impression and we have already composed some textures and materials:





Furthermore, we have already structured the map into some areas. 

The current naming follows a simple principle: 
The first letter mostly represents the description of the area (f.e. c = city, e = east, w = west, m = mountain). The name itself is only the naming of the NATO-alphabet corresponding to the first letter.


If you have any ideas (f.e. names), don’t hesitate to write us! We are open for every suggestion!


Quentin and nanos world’s Gameplay

Now it is time to introduce you to another nanos world project member: 

Let us introduce you to Quentin aka. Myami! Quentin is 21 years old and from France. After passing his degree in cartography, he will start studying video game programming in Canada in the next fall - so if you are from Canada and have some tips, don’t hesitate to write him!

Since our beta stage in JC3MP Quentin is an active participant of our beta and testing group. He developed great game modes for JC3MP and some months ago he joined our journey of nanos world.

Quentin is primarily responsible for gameplay development. At the moment, we’re focusing on the actors gameplay or - in other words - players.

We are going to create a detailed moving system. You will be able to climb in different ways, to jump over objects, to move in various ways and to interact with other players. The system will acknowledge ingame objects even if you created them yourself and shall be intuitively to use.

Of course, you will be able to check and control these actions with our scripting system.

You’ve already been able to see some pictures on our social media channels:

Sadly, sometimes something goes wrong:



But we were able to fix it: 






As soon as we finish our first movement system, Justus - our lead dev for nanos world - will synchronize the actors and integrate more parts of the nanos::framework.

Finally, our next blog will be not only about the city, but also about him: Justus.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to visit our social media channels for the latest news!


icons8-discord-48.png.191c1f446b917f8e14ac1f3378ff37c5.png        5a203b8c489cf_icons8-twitter-48(1).png.d63957ac1ce4e6853be8f02d0481d189.png        icons8-instagram-48.png.9c32fa416d90ab4a828fa58463b48b4e.png       icons8-facebook-48.png.072b53f1d33ee7c0eb953587110135c7.png

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The animations look really smooth. What personally bothers me a little is the positioning of the camera. Will it be possible to change the position of the camera later?

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On 6/26/2018 at 8:27 AM, Xseam said:

The animations look really smooth. What personally bothers me a little is the positioning of the camera. Will it be possible to change the position of the camera later?


We are still working on animations and character moving. We didn't work on the perspective of the camera yet, but I promise, we will. If you have any suggestions, shoot! 🙂

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