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Progress on Armstrong

Dennis S.


Waddup, your administrative issues are back again with yet another nanos world related blog entry. WHOO! 🔥

This blog is primarily about the progress we made on our default map “Armstrong”. We experimented with Armstrong and world creation. Finally, we became world creators. Secondly, we want to talk about our latest team member: Let’s begin!


A new Kiwi for nanos

May we introduce Kieran, aka. Protato aka. EonZenex ( @Legion_Zenex). Kieran is from New Zealand; Thus, he is our new nanos Kiwi, beside our moderator Jeff, better known as “Jeef”. He joined our team two weeks ago. He helped us a lot creating Armstrong with his magical terraforming skills. We welcome him to our team and are thankful for the progress, which wouldn’t be made without him.



Progress on Armstrong - That’s one small step for mankind, one giant leap for us

During the previous week we experimented a lot with Unreal Engine and the world creation, and we are happy to announce that we have finally created our first map. Eventually Christoph and Justus, but at first Eddy, worked a lot on the creation of our landscape. However, it was none other than our spot light team member Kieran, who created the world you can see in these pictures:





Terraforming is fun, but also challenging.

Just to remind you and anyone who doesn’t follow us on twitter yet: We started from scratch, with the picture our producer Malte drew during our nanos world team meeting on an iPad:



With this picture we started with the creation of height maps. For those who don’t know what height maps are: You can think of them as terraforming blue prints.

It was especially Eddy taking the first steps. Our first terraforming blue prints were used to explore the power of Unreal Engine and to set up the first work flow (for those who understand terraforming: we set up all necessary options in Unreal Engine, imported the height maps, worked on the landscape materials, and set everything up for sub-levels). Finally, we created all necessary git repositories for our team.

Even though we were happy with the first results, we knew they were not good enough. To put it in other words: we needed more terraforming power.

Therefore, we decided to use a piece of software called ‘world creator’, which is our terraforming software (https://www.world-creator.com).

Then it was time for our spot light team member Kieran: he understands how to form worlds and how to use ‘world creator’. Inspired by real world locations from Hawaii and China it was he who created our final Armstrong map:




Next steps

The coming week, we will create some more details and finally we aim to import the final version in Unreal Engine.

We also work on the material for our landscape, especially Eddy and Kieran work together on this task. Therefore, we are going to collect real world pictures as a basis for our decision, which textures we want to use for it.

Nevertheless, we already tested some standard textures in world creator to get some first impressions how the map could look like. Of course, we don’t want to exclude you from the results of this first test:





The next blog #5 is going to be about the cities, which will be located at the coast region, the small easter egg on the small island and about the cliff and mountain region.

So, that’s it for now. Stay tuned and don’t miss the latest news, which you will find first of all on our social media channels!

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