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nanos world - prototype, more ideas and a new team member

Malte S.




Heyho from your administrative issues and welcome back to another #helloworld blog!🔥

Today, we will again explain the idea behind nanos world, we will tell you about the current state of our prototype and introduce you to a new team member you might not know yet!


How does nanos world differ from other sandbox games?

After our announcement we received several questions regarding our idea: What is the difference between existing multiplayer modifications and nanos world? How does nanos world differ from other sandbox games?

These are justified questions.

Let's start with the answer to both of those questions:

Existing multiplayer modifications and also other sandbox games are predominantly built upon an already existing game or an engine which was not meant to be a sandbox game. In nanos world we don’t build a modification upon a game, we build a game upon our multiplayer technology. It is much easier to script a game like a web page within a proven framework than building upon a new and adopted system.

In our development we don’t have to reverse engineer any game functions, which were primarily developed with focus on single player, and we are not restricted by an engine or game we don’t know in detail. If we or also you want to extend the engine or enable functions, which are included in the engine, we can easily access these functions and make them useful in nanos world for you! If you are bound to a game, enabling and establishing new functions is often a complex issue.

This is why we provide an easy way to realize your own game ideas. Scripting in Lua is easy to learn, there are many available tutorials and it is a proven scripting language for our purpose. Considering the fact that a lot of other multiplayer projects and games use Lua, there are many creative and talented scripters out there you can team up with. We aim to have a community where everyone feels at home and where scripters and players, independent of their knowledge, are welcome, can discuss with other people and improve their skills.
Apart from Lua’s simplicity, we also decided to use it, because embedding Lua results in less overhead compared to JavaScript. To further improve the usability, we will additionally provide an integrated class system for our Lua implementation and more advanced development tools so you can work as comfortable as you’re used to with JavaScript.
The discussions on our Discord the previous weeks, seemed to give the impression that we might integrate JavaScript as a second language in a future version as well. To clarify this: We are currently not planning on integrating JavaScript. The main reason is that the differences between Lua and JavaScript are not significant enough to justify the fragmentation of the scripting community into two parties and the additional maintenance costs.


The Prototype

We also received many questions about the current state of our prototype. As you might know our prototype is built upon nanos framework which contains all of our multiplayer power. Currently, we are linking the framework to Unreal Engine 4. The largest segment of the work on the package system is almost complete and we are now focusing on getting our network library ready for synchronizing basic movement of characters.


Robert - the nanos newbie

Finally, we want to introduce you to one of our new team members working on nanos world and related (still not announced) projects: Robert.

Robert “MegaThorx” Bitschnau is 21 years old and works as an IT-technician most of his time. He does a lot of IT related stuff in his freetime aswell; next to his position at nanos and nanos world, he’s developing the german “eXo roleplay” gamemode for the GTA San Andreas modification “MTA”. He’s also currently building his very own 3D printer. 

Robert is one of our web developers and is responsible for the nanos world project and all nanos world related project and managing pages. 


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