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Dennis S.







We are really excited to provide you with a platform containing all news and information about our latest multiplayer project. At first, go and check out our first nanosWorld project presentation and learn more about nanosWorld:




During the next weeks, months and years we will post information, not only about the development, but also about our ideas, visions, concepts and team, on this blog.

Community involvement is an important factor that makes our project a unique, social and exciting venture. We will post more about our plans relating community involvement soon.

However, you can already contact us directly via discord (https://discord.gg/nanos) and also via mail:



Dennis, who is responsible for community and PR, is open to suggestions and community contact. So if you are interested in our project, don’t hesitate to contact him via mail (dennis.s[at]nanos.io).



If you have any specific questions about our production itself or any legal or business background, don’t hesitate to contact me via mail (malte.s[at]nanos.io).


Please keep in mind that we cannot answer questions about non-disclosed content. We promise to inform you soon about our plans and visions.

We are looking forward to welcome you to nanosWorld!


All the best


Dennis and Malte

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On 11/30/2017 at 12:51 PM, Dennis S. said:

How is it possible to kiss eyes

That's a good question, I'm curious...

*thirty seconds and a Google search later* oh God no

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